How to use spirit wifi

How To Use WiFi At Spirt Flights?

Traveling a long-duration flight? Did you forget to download your favorite series before boarding the plane? Wondering if Spirit WiFi is available through airlines?

We will answer all these questions in the forthcoming section. The good news is Spirit provides entertainment options to all its passengers.

You can purchase Wi-Fi while traveling with them and enjoy your flight to the fullest. Let’s discuss the further information.

How to Avail of Spirit WiFi during the flight?

Spirit WiFi link is not free for anyone but surely is customizable. It offers two types of internet packs to its flyers, depending on their need and usage. Passengers can opt for basic chat WiFi to Downloading Speed Wi-Fi, as per their requirement.

The cost for Browsing and Streaming wifi internet packs differ as so does their speed. Therefore, make sure you buy your pack as per your work and requirements. The cost for Spirit Wifi is also dependent on the distance and duration of your flight.

The cost for both the packs is as follows:

WiFi Browsing $3.99 – $11.99
WiFi Streaming $6.99 – $14.99

The passengers can buy their preferred internet pack whenever they want. There is no compulsion to buy the pack before or after boarding your Spirit Flight.

When to buy Spirit WiFi?

As stated above, you have no set time to purchase WiFi. The two options for purchasing are as follows:

1. Before Boarding
If you are at the Airport and suddenly realize you forgot to download your favorite series, you can purchase Spirit WiFi immediately.

On the A la Smarte option, a WiFi symbol will be displayed. You will also find the charges for the same beside the symbol. You can opt for the one that best suits you and pay for it.

Don’t hesitate to pay the airlines for internet packages because you can get your money back for spirit wifi; If you have any glitches.

2. After Boarding
Once you have boarded the plane, you can visit “” and click on the option on the screen that says, ‘I have a voucher.’ After this, you can choose the WiFi service you require per your requirement, and then go ahead and pay for the same.

How can I connect to SpiritWiFi through QR?

In this digital era, where everything is done with a click, the advancement of QR codes has made life much easier. Once you have purchased the internet pack of your choice, you can open your tablet/smartphone and scan the code provided to you by Spirit. Once scanned, you will get access to SpiritWiFi in no time.

Summing Up

Spirit Airlines provides WiFi to all its passengers at a minimal cost that ranges as per the distance of the flight. All you need to do is, select the pack that suits your purpose, pay for it, and enjoy!