Spirit Flight Change Policy – Helpful Guide


Sometimes, an emergency will come to you, and you have to face it. And this pushes you towards changing your flight. Thus, the Spirit Flight Change Policy came into existence to make your traveling experience impeccable. You can easily change your flight per your requirements as they give you flexibility. Hence, review this article until the end and gain all the information regarding Spirit Airlines Flight Change fee, process and guidelines.

Highlights of Spirit Flight Change Policy

Possessing a detailed knowledge of the Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy will only let you alter your flight booking without any issue. Thus, it is good to know about this flight change policy of Spirit Airlines.

Here are some of the prime highlights of this policy that everyone should know:

  • All the passengers can easily change their flight booking when any random or unforeseen situation arises. Just submit the documents supporting the reason, and you also have to pay the fee as per Spirit Change Fee policy.
  • Coverage of flight change is allotted to you when you make the payment of the flight reservation by using a credit card.
  • The privilege to change their flight booking within 24 hours from booking time is given to every passenger.
  • You can alter your reservation before 60 days from the fixed departure time of the flight.
  • Any passenger is not obligated to pay any flight changing fees to Spirit Airlines. It is an ideal scenario that comes true when the airline modifies the flight’s arrival or departure time.
  • Amending the reservation on the same day of the departure is possible according to Spirit Flight Change Policy.

Spirit Same Day Change Flight Policy

According to Spirit Changed Flight Policy, all passengers can change their flight booking within the same day.

Some significant highlights of this policy are as follows:

  1. The option of same-day flight change of Spirit Airlines is only applicable on domestic flights that fly within the United States and Puerto Rico.
  2. You can request a flight change under Spirit Same Day change flight policy 24 hours before the fixed departure of the flight.
  3. For the same-day change of Spirit Airlines, you can try it by visiting the official website of Spirit Airlines or by calling them.
  4. There is a same-day flight change fee at Spirit that people must pay to alter their flight on the same day. This price totally depends on the fare type and route you are traveling.
  5. You can only go to change the flight when it is available. It implies that same-day flight change is absent on all types of flights.
  6. All the passengers who purchase the Thrill Combo or This Works Bundles are eligible for the same-day flight change without additional cost.

Eligibility to Alter the Flight of Spirit Airlines

Inspecting whether you are eligible to change your flight depends on multiple factors, like your ticket type and the reason behind the modification.

Some pointers state a passenger’s eligibility to amend their flight ticket.

  1. Time to Apply the Changes:

You should perform the changes in your flight booking prior to the flight’s scheduled departure. Also, Spirit Airlines allows the changes within 24 hours from the booking time, but the departure must be after 7 days or more.

2. Reason to Change:

Spirit Airlines doesn’t permit any kind of request for the flight change that arises due to the reason that stays out of their hands. It consists of bad weather or cancelation of the flight of Spirit Airlines.

3. Amending the Date:

Under certain conditions, passengers received the right to alter their flight date.

4. Modification of the Airport:

You all are privileged to alter the airport of your flight until one hour before the scheduled departure. It will only get done when there is availability or when you pay the fees for the same.

Kind of Fare:

When you have a non-refundable ticket, you can alter it by paying a fixed fee under the Spirit Flight Change Policy. The fee for changing the ticket is mainly based on the route, travel class, and travel date.

Alteration of Destination:

When you alter the destination, there arises some fare difference. Thus, to do that, you need to pay that difference along with the flight changing fees.

Name Changing on Flight Ticket:

You must contact the airline’s customer care service department of, Spirit Airlines. The procedure to change the name fluctuated too much depending on the situation.

How to Proceed for Spirit Flight Change?

Certainly, it is the most searched question over the Internet after people finish making their flight booking. Most passengers don’t know about the procedure to alter their flight under Spirit Airlines flight change policy. If you don’t know, then there is no need to worry because all the procedure is described here in detail.

Change Spirit Flight via Online Mathods

All the passengers can easily proceed and request to alter their flight by following Spirit Flight Change Policy. You can do this until 24 hours before the flight’s departure without paying a single penny.

Let’s check the process:

  1. Visit Spirit Airlines’s official website and log in to your account by entering the valid credentials.
  2. Tap on the “My Trips” button on the homepage.
  3. Fill in all the details in the apt sections, like the passenger’s last name and the booking confirmation number.
  4. Then, click on the continue button.
  5. Choose the flight out of all that appears on the screen which you want to change.
  6. Go with the instructions that keep coming up on the screen to complete the Spirit Airlines Change flight procedure.
  7. When you get done with this process of a flight change, a confirmation regarding the same will come up on your registered mobile number or email ID.

How to Call Someone at Spirit?

Sometimes, people must talk to the person in live mode as they didn’t believe in these new methods.

So, you can proceed with this method if you feel the same as mentioned above.

  • Dial the Reservation phone number at Spirit airlines +1 855-728-3555 /+1 (855) 502-0002 (OTA) and get connected with one of the live people from their side.
  • Then, let them know the reason why you called them.
  • Provide them with all the necessary information so they can reach the page where they can witness your flight booking.
  • Tell them about the flight booking in which you want to make changes.
  • Submit the necessary documents as per Spirit Change Flight policy to conclude the process.
  • Wait for some time now, as when the process is finished, a mail with the confirmation will reflect in your registered mail ID.

Can I Make Alteration in Flight Through Chat?

You also get the alternative to chat with the customer care executive of Spirit Airlines and get your queries resolved easily.

The option to do chatting is available on the official website of Spirit Airlines.

  1. Search for the page “Contact Us” after reaching to the website.
    Then, move ahead by clicking on “Let’s Chat”.
  2. Make the selection of the language in which chatting becomes easy for you.
  3. If a message regarding Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy comes up in an alert form, press “no” for it.
  4. Now, proceed with the selection of one option that came up on the screen.
  5. Click on “Change My Flight”.
  6. For confirmation, click on Yes to verify your decision to change your flight.
  7. Then, follow the instructions that keep coming up on the screen.

Request for Changes through Social Media

Contact the airlines on their social media handles by writing the appropriate message regarding the thing you want assistance with. They will revert with the appropriate reply to your query.

Here are the social media handles of Spirit Airlines:

Faceboook – https://www.facebook.com/SpiritAirlines/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/spiritairlines

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/spiritairlines/

Tumblr – https://www.tumblr.com/spiritairlines

Modify Your Booking Through Airport

Under this method, head directly to the Spirit Airlines airport counter. One of the concerned team members of the airlines will entertain you in resolving your query.

Tell them that you need to change your Spirit Airlines flight. After this, provide them with all the necessary details to complete the process. Then, let them take over the process from that point on your behalf.

It is suggested that all of you stay there as they can call you anytime when they need something. After the process, you will receive a notification stating the confirmation.

Is There the Privilege of Changing Flights for Free Present?

Spirit Changed Flight Policy indicates that all passengers can easily alter their flight booking. No fees are levied when you do the modification 60 days before the departure. Apart from this, the flexible fare is open for all passenger that doesn’t come under the Spirit Change fee policy.

To know more about this and to gain a clear idea, look below:

  • “Bare Fare” is another option that doesn’t levy a single penny on the passenger when they proceed to change their flight reservation. But other options like seat selection or baggage allowance are not involved.
  • Before going forward with the reservation, visit to check the terms and conditions that revolve around the fare and flight change fees.
  • By opting for the “Big Front Seat”, you can gain seating with more legroom space, but you need to pay some price for altering the flight.
  • Another alternative available for all of you is the Flexible fare option. With this, you can ensure full comfort and travel per your wish or flexibility. The charges for amending the flight booking are also reduced to minimal charges.

How to Reschedule a Flight Through the Usage of Travel Credit?

When you change your flight reservation, and if the fare for the new flight is less than your previous one, you’ll receive some travel credits. These credit points are usable for future traveling.

So, as per Spirit Flight Reschedule Policy, you can reschedule your flight by visiting the airlines’ official website.

  1. Search for the reservation credit number is a must before proceeding to book a new flight. You can find this credit number in your flight cancelation mail.
  2. Visit the Spirit Airlines website and move ahead with the procedure to reschedule your trip.
  3. Enter all of the information needed or required in the process. Make sure by checking it twice that all the details are correct.
  4. As soon as you reach the payment page, choose “Redeem a Voucher or Credit”.
  5. Type the six-digit confirmation number in the section that appears right below the payment option.
  6. Choose “Go” to move ahead.
  7. Enter the amount that you need to spend from your credit for the reservation.
  8. Then, tap on the button of “Apply Credit”.
  9. If some of the amount is due, then go with the instructions that are coming up on the screen to cover the additional payments.

When you finish this process, a new mail will come to you with all the details of the new flight booking.

Fee for Spirit Change Flight

Following Spirit Change Fee policy, every passenger can easily alter the flight but they have to pay some extra money for this. This amount depends on the fare type and the terms and conditions.

These are the stated under Spirit Flight Change Policy.

  • Passenger can alter their flight booking without paying a single buck but within two conditions only, like canceling before 7 days or within 24 hours from the booking time.
  • The flight change fee levied by Spirit Airlines is applied to all canceled tickets after 24 hours.
  • If your ticket belongs to the refundable category, you are free to raise a request for a refund.

Spirit Airlines Flight Change – Fee Structure

Here, for your reference, a table is presented that consists of all the aspects of the fee to change flights from the viewpoint of Spirit Airlines.

Time of changing the ticket Normal or Regular ticket Flight Flex ticket Award ticket
Within the span of 24 hours from booking time or before 7 No charges are applicable No charges are applicable No charges are applicable
After the span of 24 hours from booking time or before 7 days $90 to  $100 One time online flight change is free of cost here. Spirit Airlines flight change fees is $110.
Within the span of 24 hours from booking time or before 7 days $100 to 110 One time online flight change is free of cost here. Spirit Airlines flight change fees is $110.
After the span of 24 hours from booking time or before 7 days $90 to $100 One time online flight change is free of cost here. Spirit Airlines flight change fees is $110.
In between the span of 24 hours prior then the scheduled departure. In case of earlier flight standby, the fee is about $99 In case of earlier flight standby, the fee is about $99 Not permitted

Please Note that the Flex Flights tickets are available for only some extra money. All you need to give the airlines is around $35 to $40. By infusing this in your flight booking, you’ll receive the privilege to change your booking for once.

Moreover, remember it is not a refundable ticket, so if you cancel it, you must pay the Spirit Airlines cancellation fees.

Spirit Change Flight Refund Policy

If you are exploring a trip that fulfills or satisfies all your wishes or urges regarding a journey, go with Spirit Airlines without thinking about anything. As, by chance or any unforeseen circumstance, you must cancel your flight ticket to do it easily. In addition to this, you can also go forward to receive the refund for your flight.

They give you a refund for your flight booking but in some special circumstances. But they didn’t offer the facility of booking a refundable ticket, which is how they maintain low prices for their tickets.

Suppose a ticket is not used due to the passenger’s death or any injury, then refund possibilities emerge. But in such cases, you must present the documentation supporting your reason completely.

How to Claim Refund at Spirit?

  1. Pay a visit to the “Manage My Booking” tab on the official website’s homepage.
  2. You can witness all of your flight bookings on the next page.
  3. A drop-down menu exists; choose “request a refund” from there.
  4. Some information or basic details is needed there that you need to fill out.
  5. These details mainly comprise the passenger’s last name and flight reservation number.
  6. Then, tap the “Next” button to proceed with the process.
  7. If your Spirit Airline ticket is eligible or comes under the bracket of refund, the airlines will carry on the process for the same.

Final Words!

Making slight adjustments or crafting everything as per your flexibility is possible only when you are flying Spirit Airlines. Spirit Flight Change Policy works without flaw, whether you want to make last-minute or pre-decided change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you must pay extra charges when changing the flight after 24 hours from booking time.

If Spirit changes your flight, then the airline will notify you about the same by sending an email. Moreover, they email you the details of your new flight.

No, as most of the tickets offered by Spirit Airlines are non-transferable. You can’t transfer the ticket to someone else name.