How to Request Spirit wifi refund

How Do I Request a Refund for Spirit Wifi?

Every passenger wishes to have a comfortable and entertaining flight experience. To ensure that all passengers get this opportunity,  Spirit offers WiFi facilities to all at a cost. However, if any passengers have difficulties, Spirit WiFi refund options are also available.

In this blog, you will find information about Spirit Airlines rules for it & how to get your money back for Wi-Fi, and when will the refund get credited.

How can I get Money back for Spirit WiFi?

Spirit Airlines reservations provide you with the best facilities to make your journey as comfortable as possible. If you face any issues while using the internet, you may request a refund at the official website of Spirit. All you need to do is, complete the Refund Request Form available on Spirit’s official website and then hit submit.

To complete the refund request form, you must provide the following information:

  • The WiFi purchase receipt number can be found in the email that you received when you purchased Spirit WiFi.
  • Voucher Code if it was applicable while you purchased the WiFi.
  • Flight # is available in the email confirmation when you purchased the flight.
  • Provide the day of departure written on your boarding pass or email.

When can I expect my Spirit WiFi Refund?

If you faced inconvenience with the internet provided by Spirit and wish to opt for a WiFi Refund, you may submit the refund request form.

The approval of your refund request is subject to Spirit Rules, and you can check your refund status with the email sent to you post your refund request form submission.

  • If you paid for WiFi through a credit card, you will receive your Spirit WiFi Refund within seven business days.
  • If you purchased WiFi with cash or cheque, please allow the airlines around twenty days to process the refund.

If you are facing a delay or have not received your Wi-Fi refund yet, then you can talk to someone at Spirit by directly giving them a call at +1-855-728-3555/+1-855-502-0002.


Spirit Airlines allows you to purchase WiFi during the flight and choose between the internet pack that suits your requirements. If you face any trouble accessing the internet, you can apply for your money back by filling out the Refund Form.