Spiritflightdeals.com is a third-party travel agency that offers you flights at cheap rates and discounted fares like no other. We have very carefully formulated a list of questions and answers that are asked by customers when they are in the process of booking a flight.

These FAQs (Frequently asked questions) are provided to help you with basic information in crisp. Go through the following FAQs to get your answers!

Let’s Dive In:

Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost United States Airlines headquartered in Miramar, Florida. It operates throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Spirit Airlines is known for its cheap fares, therefore is called an ultra-low-cost carrier. You will find comparatively cheaper flight deals at Spirit Airlines, which can be the biggest reason to choose Spirit Airlines.

Instead of charging high rates on airfare, Spirit Airlines charges customers for everything else, like carry bags and seats with extra legroom. They have created their business model this way. Hence they can keep their fares so low.

Booking a flight with Spirit Airlines is very easy. Go to the official website of Airlines and click on ‘Book a flight.’ Fill in the departure and arrival destinations, choose the date and timings, and then make the payment.

As the name suggests, Big Front Seats are 36″ pitch and 18.5″ width – a full 6″ larger seats in front of the plane. So, people who prefer more space and extra legroom may opt these seats.

You can connect with Spirit Airlines by texting us on Whatsapp at +91-9876543210, or through E-mail at info@abc.com, and even our Live Chat option. Our customer service experts are there to solve all your queries, 24*7. So, don’t hesitate and contact us now!

The following table represents Spirit Airlines Flight Change Fee:

0 to 2 days from departure $119
3-6 days from departure $99
7-59 days from departure $69
60+ days from departure Free

According to Spirit Airlines Refund Policy, if you cancel your booked flight within 24 hours of purchasing it, and your flight is still seven days away, you are eligible for a full refund.

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to carry one free personal item, apart from charged carry-on and checked baggage. For example, you can carry a backpack as your item, which will be free of cost. However, ensure that your backpack fits perfectly underneath the seat in front of you.

In such cases, the passenger may claim compensation when their booked flight has been delayed for more than three hours. However, no compensation shall be granted if the flight is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances like poor weather conditions or strikes.

Traveling is easier with Spirit Airlines, as it provides Wi-Fi services if requested. You need to pay an amount to access Wi-Fi, and you choose the internet pack that best suits your work, like basic chat internet or downloading speed internet.

Spirit Airlines wholeheartedly welcomes pets but on a few conditions. The Spirit Airlines Pet Policy states that guests can carry only one carrier. However, one carrier allows a maximum of two furry buddies.

No. Only infants who are between 7 days old to 2 years old are permitted to sit in parent’s lap. If your child is two years or older, they must sit on the seat purchased by you.

The perks of being a part of club include access to the lowest fares available, shortcuts in security, boarding, and flight flex, along with discounted prices on bags. Various other deals will also be accessible if you join Spirit Saver$ Club.

Spirit Airlines allow passengers to cancel their tickets before the scheduled departure in case of death or illness. If the booked tickets are non-refundable, you will be eligible for a refund under the Spirit Airlines Refund Policy. However, in case of the passenger’s death, a death certificate of the deceased must be provided to the Guest Relations Department.

Since you already know that Spirit Airlines charge you for carry-on and checked-in luggage, bare fare refers to transportation from Point A to Point B. If you decide to pay for them at the gate, the carry-on bag will cost you around $65, but if you pay for it in advance, then it costs you very less.

Spirit Airlines thrives on providing comfort and catering to all needs of its passengers. Therefore, for people with disability or injury, you may ask for wheelchair assistance from the Airlines Ticket Counter at the Airport. Help shall be provided to you within 20 minutes of request.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy charges $110 for one side for pets on a plane. A total of four pets are allowed in the cabin. However, each passenger is allowed only one carrier. A maximum number of two pets can travel in one carrier and must be placed underneath the seat in front of you. Spirit Airlines does not transport any kind of pets in cargo, so a cabin is your only option.

Spirit Airlines charges some fee if you want refreshments during your Spirit Airlines flight. Coffee would charge you $2, sodas and juices at $3, beer and wine at $8, and other snacks like Oreos or Pringles start at $3.

Spirit Airlines has stopped accepting cash since the Covid-19 outbreak. However, other options like MasterCard, Discover Cards, American Express, Visa, and other such payments are accepted by Spirit Airlines.

If you want a free-of-cost seat on your flight, you will not have the option to choose your seat on the flight. You will get a seat by Spirit Airline when you check in at the airport/online. However, you may do so while booking the flight if you want to book a seat. Extra charges will apply as per your seat preference.

Spirit Airlines does not allow tickets to be transferred to other guests or any name changes. However, some itinerary changes with a fee of $120 are allowed.

If you have already done an online check-in for your Spirit Flight, you may arrive one hour before the scheduled departure time. On the other hand, if you will check in at the Airport, it would be better to reach the Airport at least two hours before the scheduled departure so that the process can be done smoothly for everyone waiting for check-in. In the case of international flights, we recommend you arrive at least three hours before the scheduled departure of your booked flight.

The Spirit Aircraft are equipped with oxygen masks, emergency medical kits, life vests, and other FAA requirements. Spirit Airlines crew members provide instant help, and all the necessary steps for the safety of its passengers are taken.

Yes. Spirit Airlines allows pregnant women to fly on the plane without documentation until the 8th month. After 8th month of pregnancy, we request you to provide a health certificate from your doctor stating that you and the baby are fit to fly.