Privacy Policy


We suggest you go through the Privacy Policy below, as it covers all the information you need to understand how we collect your information, how we use it, and how we protect it. You share some information with spiritflightdeals when you visit our website, and the privacy policy also mentions how the law protects you. We only collect your information to improve our services and provide you with the content you want. We presume that you agree to our policies when you choose to use our services, and no complaints will be entertained thereafter.

A) What information do we collect?

We collect personal information like your Email Address, Full Name, Address (State, Postal Code, City), Usage Data, and Phone Number. This information is collected only to identify you when you log in, and we share no personal information with any third party. Usage Data is collected automatically when you continue to use our services. This includes the Internet Protocol (IP Address) of the device you are accessing our services, the browser version you’re using, what pages you visit on our website, the time & date of access, and other diagnostic criteria.

B) How do we use your data?

Spiritflightdeals may use your personal information in the following ways:1. It helps us provide what you seek and maintain our services and quality.2. By collecting your information, we contact you through SMS, Calls, Emails, etc. It also helps us provide updates and features so you can take advantage of them.3. Your personal information is also used for purposes like data analysis, checking the effectiveness of our services, evaluating our services, marketing, and identifying the latest trends.

C) More about Privacy Policy.

You may find links to other websites when you browse through our services. If you choose to click them, you will do so on your sole decision and be taken to a third-party website that we do not operate. We are not responsible for third-party website’s privacy policies, terms, and conditions and therefore assume no responsibility.

D) Minor Policy

We do not allow children under 18 years to book flights or make reservations. Parents/Guardians are requested to book tickets for a minor child. If we find out that a minor has made a booking, we hold the right to cancel the booking without any approval from the customer.