Spirit Airlines Confirmation Code

Spirit Airlines Confirmation Code

The Spirit Airlines confirmation code is the first information indicating that a passenger booking has been confirmed on a Spirit Aircraft; a confirmation is an alphanumeric code of six digits that the passengers can use to access their flight details. Airlines, to connect with the passengers, use this confirmation for further communication.

The confirmation code is sent to the passengers only after the confirmation of their flight itineraries through email, text, or any other means of communication whose information has been registered by the passengers with the airlines. Without providing the confirmation code, passengers won’t be able to make changes or any other modifications or even cancel their flights.

Here, we are going to give every detail regarding the Spirit Airlines confirmation code and what you can do in case you have lost your confirmation code. Along with that, we will provide crucial information that passengers need to know mandatory while traveling on a Spirit Aircraft.

Spirit Airlines Confirmation Code and Spirit PNR

The Spirit Airlines confirmation code is the airline’s name for the PNR (Passenger Record Number). It can be referred to as the identification number assigned to the passengers by the airlines. It will be valid until all the flight itineraries confirmed with this number have been completed or canceled. Through the Spirit Airlines confirmation code or the PNR, passengers can:

  • Check their flight status anytime before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Access information related to the booking or the flight details.
  • In case passengers want to make changes or cancel their flight bookings, they need to go to “My Trips” and then provide their confirmation code only, after which they will be able to make changes or further modifications to their flight.
  • Get a confirmation copy or the itinerary receipt.

What to do in case you lose your Spirit Airlines Confirmation Code?

Without the PNR or the confirmation code, passengers won’t be able to access their flight details in case of any flight changes or delays, and they won’t be able to check their flight status. Along with that, check-in is not possible without the Spirit Airlines confirmation code. Therefore, in case you don’t have your confirmation code, you can connect with the Airlines for the same. Passengers can take the following measures in case they have lost Spirit Airlines confirmation code:

Passengers need to request the confirmation email of their flight booking, which comprises all the details of the journey along with the Spirit Airlines confirmation code. For that, they can connect with the Spirit Helpline through various means available on the website, like Helpline Number. Through these means, you can connect with a live agent at Spirit Airlines who will assist you further and provide your details regarding your Spirit Airlines confirmation code.

Another way to retrieve your Spirit confirmation is through your Free Spirit Account. Through this, all you need to do is log in to your account and locate the option “My Account.” From this, you can easily fetch details regarding your confirmation code/PNR for a particular flight.

How to Check Spirit Flight Reservation?

The basic intent of assigning a passenger a confirmation code is to provide access to their flight reservation, which they can check anytime. Passengers can check their flight reservation either through an online helpline number or even through live chat. Below, we have listed easy and stepwise processes to check for the Spirit Flight Reservation:

Check Spirit Reservation Online

  • Visit the official spirit website where, on the homepage, you can find the option “My Trips.”
  • Click on this option, and it will lead you to the reservation page. This is where you need to provide your confirmation code and your/passenger’s last name.
  • Submit the given details by clicking “Find my Reservation.”
  • This will display your information on the screen.

Check your Spirit Flight Reservation through Helpline Number

Another method to check the flight reservation on Spirit Airlines booking is through the helpline number. Dial the Spirit customer support number. Follow the automated voice instructions and press the required key based on your preference.

Follow the further instructions until you are connected to a live person on Spirit Airlines.

Convey your query to the live person who will assist you further. In case you do not have the confirmation, you need to provide your registered mobile number. Along with that, other details to authenticate that the flight itineraries belong to you.

Check Spirit Reservations through the Mobile App

The Spirit Mobile App can be downloaded on a mobile device through which passenger can check their flight details, make changes, cancel their reservation, or even make a new one. Flight itineraries booked by the passengers online will be automatically updated in the mobile app and be accessible through them for further modifications. However, the confirmation code and last name of the passengers will be necessary to access flight itineraries.

Why Can’t I Access My Flight Reservation?

The most common cause that a passenger is unable to access flight details is that they have provided wrong details like confirmation or their last name (spelling mistake).

Another cause for the inaccessibility of flight reservations can be the technical issues with the airlines. In that case, we recommend offline measures when they visit the airport to check or change their flight reservations.


The Spirit Confirmation is the same as the PNR, which provides the details of the passengers and their flight booking. Once passengers have completed their payment for the flight booking, the airlines confirm their reservation and send confirmation mail along with the confirmation code. If you don’t get mail, then you need to connect with the airlines. For further queries regarding the Spirit Airlines Confirmation code, connect with us.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything in brief.

The confirmation code is the PNR of the passengers through which the passengers can check their flight reservations.

You need to connect with the Spirit Helpline number, where a live person can assist you further regarding confirmation codes, flight modifications, or any other query you are having regarding Spirit flight booking.

You need to connect with customer support, who can provide you with the required details regarding your confirmation code. Also, if you have a Free Spirit Account, you can fetch your details from the same only.