Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy


Majority of the fliers are struggling to manage their baggage’s and have to make queries to available airlines representative. While questioning about you must keep in mind about the policies. Now, With this informative write-up we will be discussing about Spirit airlines baggage policy.

Spirit Airlines flies throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States. It is famous for its low-fare flights that were originally initiated back in 1964. Since Spirit does not provide any services free of cost, it’s essential for all its customers to know its baggage policy and the costs associated with it.

As you read further, you will learn more about Spirit Airlines baggage fees and infant baggage policy, among others. Please note that the fee may vary from person to person, as there are a lot of factors in play, like fare class, whether you are a frequent flier and more.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy for Checked Bags

According to the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, the passengers are permitted to carry two checked bags and a maximum of five bags. However, the policies differ for international travel flights; therefore, please get in touch with Spirit Airlines or check online to ensure the rules and requirements for the same.

Spirit Dimensions and Weight Limit: Carry-on Baggage

The points below highlight the dimensions and weight limit-related information for carry-on bags.

  • The maximum dimensions for spirit carry-on baggage are 50 linear inches, 22*18*10 inches, or 127 centimeters, 56*46*25.
  • Spirit carry-on size must be within the size that fits under the seat of the flyer sitting in front of you or fits the overhead bin of your seat.
  • Spirit personal item size should be such that it fits perfectly under the seat in front of you. This can include a small backpack.
  • Spirit Airlines allow its passengers to carry-on baggage; however, these do not include diaper bags, wheelchairs, strollers, crutches, walkers, umbrella, and other such items.
  • Passengers with bulkhead seats must remember that they have no under-seat storage option. Hence, their Spirit Airline carry-on baggage must be kept in the overhead bin at the time of landing and take-off of the flight.

Spirit Airlines Dimensions and Weight Limit: Checked Baggage

  • The dimension permitted per passenger for checked bags is a maximum of 62 linear inches (length+width+height), that is 157 Centimeters.
  • As per the weight of the checked baggage, it should not exceed 40 pounds, that is 18 kilograms.
  • The bag prices are determined according to their weight and dimensions; therefore, make sure you pack only what is essential.

In case of difficulties of baggage management, you can also look for an option at airlines viz Spirit airlines seat upgrade for extra leg room.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy: Fee

While most of the major airlines provide free carry-on bags, Spirit works quite differently. There is only one option besides to pay for the baggage, as your boarding pass clearly states whether you have paid for the bag you’re carrying or not.

The table given below mentions the baggage fee that is applicable for passengers carrying various types of baggage. The fee may vary from person to person, as there are set criteria for maximum and minimum weight limits.

To know more, see the table given below:

Pre-Booked Carry-on $26-55 10” x 18” x 22”
Gate Check Baggage $14-$39 25lbs 62”
First Checked Bag $21-$50 40lbs 80”
Second Checked Bag $31-$60 40lbs 80”
Third to Fifth Checked Bag $76-$100 40lbs 80”
Overweight Bag +$75 41-100lbs 80”
Oversized Bag +$100 40lbs 63-80”
Oversized Bag +$150 40lbs 80”+

Spirit Fees in Detail for Baggages

Passengers planning to fly with Spirit Airlines for the first time may need clarification on the fee structure. Therefore, to make flying easier, the charges for carry-on and checked baggage are given in depth below.


  • $55USD at the airport booking center
  • $65USD at the gate of the airport
  • $45USD before online check-in
  • $45USD during online check-in
  • $35USD during booking


  • $40USD during booking
  • $50USD before online check-in
  • $60USD at the airport booking center
  • $50USD during online check-in

NOTE: An extra charge of $2USD is levied on the passengers per baggage when traveling during the peak holiday season.

Spirit Airlines Fee Policy for Baggage – Addition Conditions

Above, we have discussed about the spirit airlines baggage fee for 1st and 2nd bags. Now, We will discuss about some other conditions:


The airlines allow each passenger only two carry-on bags. However, if you wish to carry more than two bags.

Therefore, the below fee structure applies to your excess baggage.

  • $85USD during booking
  • $95USD during online check-in
  • $95USD before online check-in
  • $100USD at the airport ticket counter


Spirit allows each passenger a set weight/dimensions for their baggage. The maximum weight allowed is 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

The fee chargeable for overweight bags is as follows

  • $30USD: 41-50 pounds/18 to 23 kilograms
  • $55USD: 51-70 pounds/23 to 32 kilograms
  • $100USD: 71-100 pounds/32 to 45 kilograms
  • Bags exceeding the weight limit of 100 pounds or 46 kilograms are not allowed as checked baggage.


Spirit has set certain dimension boundaries for bags carried by the passengers. In case of any baggage that exceeds the given dimension, a Spirit Airlines oversized baggage charge is levied for the same.

For example, a fee of $100USD is chargeable for bags ranging from 158 to 203 centimetres (63 to 80 linear inches). At the same time, bags between 203 to 406 centimetres (80 to 16- linear inches) are charged $150USD as oversized baggage fees. Airlines does not permit the bags with sizes more than 406 centimetres (160 linear inches).

Spirit Airlines Military Baggage Policy

As compared to regular passengers, military personnel are provided better benefits by Spirit Airlines. The offers and provisions for military personnel remain the same, whether they are traveling on order or personal business.

Active duty military members are subject to different baggage policy, We gonna discuss it further. This section will mention details like how much free baggage military personnel are entitled to, whether they get extra benefits or not, and other such information.

What is the eligibility for Military Baggage Allowance?

Only active-duty military personnel who are a part of the United States military agency can avail of the Spirit Airlines Military Baggage Allowance.

These include the following military agencies:

  • Coast Guard
  • Marine Corps
  • National Guard
  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Navy

As proof, you must present a valid military I.D. that is checked at the check-in counter to verify whether you’re eligible for the allowance.

To save your precious time, you can also complete the verification process online at Spirit Airlines’ official website. You have to place the booking using I.D. M.E., and click on the ‘verify’ option when you checkout.

Spouses or dependents of active military personnel are not entitled to military allowance. They must abide by Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, which is standard for all.

Military Carry-On Baggage Allowance : Spirit Airlines Policy 

Spirit offers carry-on baggage allowance for military personal so that they gets additional advantages while flying. Further we will discuss about what are carry on benefits.


All the passengers flying with Spirit, whether they hold military status or not, are offered one free personal item to bring onboard. However, the dimensions (maximum) for the free personal item are 18*14*8 inches, which is 45*35*20 centimetres.

There is no weight limit for carrying a free personal item. The only condition for carrying one free personal item is that it must fit under the seat that is in front of you.

Examples of personal items include:

  • Handbag
  • Small backpack
  • Laptop bag


Military personnel can also carry one free carry-on bag and free personal items. The size of the carry-on bag should be at most 22* 18* 10 inches, that is 56*46*25 centimetres.

The carry-on bag has no maximum or minimum weight limit for military personnel. However, the bag must fit in the overhead bin or underneath the passenger seat in front of you.

Examples of carry-on bags include:

  • Small suitcase
  • Duffel bag
  • Garment bag

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance: On the Basis of Dimensions

Unlike other passengers traveling with Spirit, the active military personnel of the United States are eligible to carry a maximum of two checked bags without paying any charges.

However, the weight and size dimensions remain the same for both military and regular passengers.

  • The maximum size of a checked bag is up to 62 linear inches, that is 158 centimetres.
  • The bag’s size is calculated by measuring the length, width, and height of the bag’s exterior.
  • Add these measurements to attain the size.
  • Please note that the final size of the checked bag includes handles and wheels, if any.
  • An oversized baggage fee is applies for those bags that exceed the limit of 62 linear inches.
  • Spirit does not permits the bags with dimensions exceeding 80 linear inches, or 203 centimetres.
  • The maximum weight of the checked bag is 40 pounds or 18.1 kilograms.
  • An overweight baggage fee is has extra fee payable on bags that exceed the weight limit.
  • Bags heavier than 100 pounds or 45 kilograms are not accepted onboard.

Spirit Airlines Sporting Equipment Rules & Baggage Policy

Similar to other famous airlines, most of the sports equipment is free on Spirit. However, the two sports equipment, namely golf clubs and snowboards, are quite popular. These two pieces of equipment come under the regular checked baggage fees.

In case any flyer wishes to carry a bicycle or surfboard, the fee for the same is $75 and $100 each way for the respective equipment. The sporting equipment may exceed 80 linear inches but should be at most a weight of 50 pounds.

Please note that every year, between 1st December and 10th January, items at most 80 linear inches are allowed in flight to and from South America.

Spirit Baggage Fees & Policy: How to save?

Spirit Airlines is one of the ultra-low-fare flights, but the extra fees of baggage and carry-ons can often add up quite fast and lead to huge amounts of tickets. The following section will cover some ways through which you can save money when flying with Spirit Airlines.


The cheapest bag that you can carry, apart from the free personal item, is the checked baggage that you pay for at the time of booking. This will cost you around $37, but as time flies, the charges will fly high, too.

To know this in-depth, consider the following charges:

  • While booking at Spirit Official Website: $37
  • Prior to online check-in: $47
  • While online check-in: $52
  • Airport Check-in: $70
  • At the gate: $76

As you can see from the above-mentioned prices, you can save almost half of your money if you pay for your baggage during booking than when at the gate.

A similar rule applies to carry-on baggage. Paying for the carry-on right away is a much more cost-efficient method than when at the airport.

See the charges below:

  • While booking at Spirit Official Website: $43
  • Prior to online check-in: $53
  • While online check-in: $58
  • Airport Check-in: $71
  • At the gate: $76

Again, you are saving a lot of money by paying right away than when you pay at the gate. Therefore, be sure to keep this method in mind when you are booking your flight with Spirit Airlines.

Additional Options to Save Baggage Fee

Now, We will discuss about the addition charges and the options you can save the cost of the baggage.


Passengers can save some amount of money by simply buying the $70 Spirit Saver Club. Members of this club are also eligible for special discounts and the lowest fares and are not required to stand in security queues at the airport. The saver club does not only save money but also the passenger’s time.


In 2021, Spirit Airlines introduced a Bonafide Status Program.

These include two tiers, namely:

  • Spirit Silver: Members don’t have to pay for the overweight baggage fees.
  • Spirit Gold: Members get their first checked bag without any cost and can bring a carry-on bag on the flight without paying any fee.

While being a part of either of the tiers means spending quite some money on Spirit Flights or Spirit credit cards, the benefits of both tiers are also exceptional.


Using credit cards is very helpful in saving large amounts of money that is spent on baggage fees. Card offers provided by American Express and Chase can help you cover most of your baggage fees.

  • Platinum Card by American Express: This card provides each passenger holding the card with a $200 airline fee credit. This credit is eligible on any one domestic airline of your choice; however, it must be a U.S.-based airline.
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve: Irrespective of the traveling expense, Chase cardholders can save up to $300 on their expenses. This means you can carry $300 worth of baggage and get reimbursement for the same!

In Summary

Passengers flying with Spirit must be aware of the additional fees they must pay before booking the flight. Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy is quite different from other airlines, so understanding the additional charges is essential.

The above-written content highlights all the details that you need to know about Spirit Baggage Policy, including the carry-on, checked bags, oversized bags, overweight bags, military personnel baggage allowances, carrying personal items, baby policy, and credit card offers. So make sure you thoroughly read them through before making your next reservation with Spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spirit Airlines Laptop Policy allows all passengers one free item onboard. This can include any item, such as a purse, laptop bag, small backpack, and more. Hence, you can bring your laptop on your flight.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy states a strict rule over its carry-on luggage dimensions. While there is no set weight limit, the carry-on should not exceed dimensions of 22*18*10 inches. If the bag exceeds this limit, you must pay an oversized bag fee.

Spirit allows its passengers to check-in online, upon which they receive their boarding pass on their registered email. The passengers can take out a printout of the same at their home itself. On the contrary, if you need to print your boarding pass at the airport Kiosk, then you must pay $2.

In addition to carry-on allowance, Spirit Airlines also allows passengers to carry a diaper bag, one stroller, and a car seat.

Spirit Airlines allows its passengers to carry one personal item without any charges. These can include outer garments like coats, hats, reading material, duffle bags, umbrellas, infant diaper bags, food, and other such items.