Spirit Airlines Pregnant Policy

Spirit Airlines Pregnancy Policy

What can be more better than taking one last peaceful trip before the onset of the parenting phase of your life? Almost anyone who is going to be an upcoming parent can travel on an airplane. However, it is beneficial for the parents to be that they inform the airlines about their pregnancy. Based on this, the airlines will take various measures to ensure the safety and maximum comfort of the pregnant mother. Here, we are going to tell about various measures that airlines take as part of the Spirit Airlines Pregnant Policy.

The Spirit Airlines Pregnant Policy

Every airline considers pregnant ladies among the top priority passengers. Based on this they take special measures during their journey, irrespective of the travel class for their journey. This does include Spirit Airlines. While various common measures are taken by the airlines to ensure safety, every airline does have some distinctive amenities as parts of their policy for pregnant passengers. Some of the basic services that you can expect from Spirit Airlines include priority offline Spirit Airlines Check-in, security clearance, and boarding on the plane.

Spirit Airlines does not have any special rules and regulations for pregnant passengers. However, it does take necessary steps to ensure their safety and comfortable travel. Along with that, one highlighting regulation regarding pregnant women is that anyone who is in the 8th month of their pregnancy needs to obtain approval from a medical professional to travel on an airplane.

What to do while traveling during Pregnancy on a Spirit Flight?

There is nothing unique to discuss anything regarding the Spirit Airlines Pregnant Policy. However, some common measures that a pregnant person needs to keep in mind have been listed here.

  • Any woman traveling during pregnancy needs to have a regular check-up with a doctor. This also includes the timing before making a reservation. This can help decide whether to travel or not.
  • Always try to book an aisle seat on the plane so it will be easy for you to go to the bathroom without disturbing others.
  • Health is the priority, especially during pregnancy. To be fit or suitable for traveling during pregnancy, pregnant ladies are recommended to stay hydrated and wear loose clothes.
  • Keep details of all the hospitals near the departure and the arrival airport.
  • Morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting are common in the pregnancy. While at home, they can be easily dealt with. However, they might become a bigger issue if you are traveling. Therefore, the passengers should prepare a first-aid kit for themselves. Depending on their situation, they can pack suitable medicine.

What are some common cases where traveling during pregnancy needs to be avoided?

Under the following circumstances, it is recommended that traveling during pregnancy needs to be avoided:

  • Any woman having a history of miscarriage, premature labor, or ectopic pregnancy needs to avoid air travel.
  • Pregnant passengers with a history of blood clotting or heart disease are also recommended to avoid traveling on an airplane.
  • Pregnant ladies who are over 35 years old also need to avoid air travel. Also, someone who is going to give birth to twins or multiples is recommended not to plan any journey.

Traveling Internationally during Pregnancy on a Spirit Flight?

While it is always recommended to take certain measures in advance when concerning the travel of pregnant women, extra care needs to be taken on a long-haul flight or, you can say, on an international flight. The situation can be more complicated in case the passenger has been in the last trimester of their pregnancy. It is usually not recommended to travel internationally during this time. However, if necessary, then it will be advisable to get approval from your medical professional.

Special Care needs to be taken in the final trimester of the Pregnancy

The last trimester of the pregnancy starts from the 27th week. It can go up to the 36th week or further more. Considering the risk and other factors to be avoided, certain precautions are needed to be taken. Some of them are listed below:

  • Depending on your health and other factors during the last trimester, you need to pick up the places where you are going.
  • Along with that, depending on the type of trip i.e. whether holiday or business, you need to be selective or careful regarding activities you are going to perform on the vacation.
  • It is always advisable to avoid hectic chores like long walks, standing in lines, or even any adventurous sports. The last time of the pregnancy always comes with uncomfortableness based on which it is recommended to avoid all kinds of activities.
  • Comfort should be the maximum priority of the passenger traveling during pregnancy. While the airlines provide all levels of comfort to pregnant passengers, it is advisable to book the seat providing extra legroom or the ones that are spacious, and comfortable. Booking in first or business class if affordable can be recommended.
  • You always need to check whether you are even allowed to travel or not. Any airline including the Spirit does recommend to the passenger to obtain approval from their doctor while they plan to make a reservation.

At last, it is always up to you. From our side or even by the airlines, the recommendation is always there that you should avoid travel by any means during this time.


Spirit Airlines pregnancy policy is comprised of only one regulation, i.e., obtaining approval from their physician before making any travel plans. While traveling during pregnancy is always risky, in unavoidable situations, it is always recommended to take precautions or be prepared for anything. Avoid air travel in the last trimester of your pregnancy. Try to make reservations in the upper class as a matter of comfort being the priority. Airlines do not charge any additional fee and do offer their full assistance to ensure the safest journey for pregnant passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything in brief.

The most basic rule regarding the infants is the age. Only the children who  are 7 days older and below 24 months will be considered as “Infants.”

Apart from the age infants cannot be accompanied on a emergency exit seat or a seat with inflatable seatbelts. 

Diaper bags can be taken separately, free of cost. The condition is that they can be easily stowed in personal items or carry-on baggage.

Parents or the booking person or the accompanying needs to carry the documents indicating the age of the infants

Airlines permit a stroller or a car seat without any cost. Conditions are that you need to book a separate seat for the children and the size/dimension of the stroller, car seat should be such that they come easily in front of the seat.

There shouldn’t be any personal items with the infant while traveling on Spirit Airlines. Excluding the stroller, seat car or diaper bag, any other baggage will be charged for.