Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy – Important Updates 2024


Cancellation is common for frequent travelers on account of last-minute plan changes, which can be hectic and sometimes expensive for the passengers due to cancellation fees and rebooking. Thus, it is necessary for the passengers to be familiar with Spirit Airlines’s cancellation policy through which they will have an idea of how to avoid cancellation charges and get a maximum amount for a refund.

One airline for passengers with a likely chance of cancellation is Spirit Airlines. The Spirit Cancellation Policy provides flexibility to passengers, especially frequent flyers, to make changes or cancel their flight itineraries easily.

Common benefits available under the cancellation policy of Spirit Airlines include a full refund (24-hour cancellation), no cancellation fee, and flexibility to change anytime before the flight departure. Further details have been discussed that can be beneficial for you to know.

What is Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy?

The Flight Cancellation Policy of Spirit Airlines is a set of various guidelines, terms, and conditions that airlines follow while canceling a passenger’s ticket. Through these mandates, the airlines decide whether to offer the passengers a refund, charge a cancellation fee or whether any ticket is eligible for cancellation or not. Some basic regulations of the Spirit Cancellation Policy have been listed below:

Spirit Flight 24-hour Cancellation Policy 

  • Any Spirit Flight ticket purchased within 24 hours can be canceled without any additional cost and a full refund. However, you need to cancel the same at least 7 days prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • After the 24-hour period, a cancellation fee will be applicable.

Striking Aspects of Spirit Cancellation Policy

Don’t consider yourself a person who knows about Spirit flight Cancellation policy if you are unaware of these major highlights.

Look below to gather information about this policy completely.

  1. When someone performs last-minute Cancellation of their reservation in flight, the fee as per Spirit Airlines’ Cancellation policy will be levied.
  2. According to Spirit Airlines, everyone has to pay Cancellation fee when they perform Cancellation after risk-free period.
  3. Spirit Airlines ‘ Cancellation policy due to weather states that you are not liable to pay a single buck when the flight gets cancelled due to bad weather.
  4. If the flight gets cancelled on the same day of the departure, the airlines must organize the accommodation facility.
  5. There is no need to pay a single penny if you cancel your flight on the same day and have your flight departing after 7 days or more.
  6. Having a non-refundable ticket makes you pay the Cancellation charges if you do the Cancellation after the 24 hour Cancellation period.
  7. Cancelling a flight ticket after the flight’s departure will make you pay for the Cancellation. If you have a standard ticket, you must pay the full amount as your Cancellation fees.

Spirit Cancellation Rules

Spirit Airlines Cancellation policy states that there are no charges levied upon any passenger if they cancel their flight booking due to the given reasons:

  • Death of a family member or any relatives.
  • When a passport gets lost or stolen by anyone.
  • By the issuance of government orders.
  • Case of any injury or illness.
  • Arrival of Military order or summon by court.

There are two different kinds of Cancellation policies followed by Spirit Airlines depending on the routes taken by the passenger. On one side, when you have an International flight booking, the charges are more to cancel the flight.

On the other side, Cancellation charges are less for domestic routes flights. Some routes are also present on which risk-free Cancellation period doesn’t exist. So, to get the right and updated information, connect with Spirit Airlines customer care.

Spirit Cancellation Policy as Per Ticket Types

Three segments are present under this Spirit Cancellation policy regarding the Cancellation fee.

  • Standard Ticket
  • Flight Flex Ticket
  • Award Ticket

Spirit Cancellation fee for Standard Ticket

The Airlines will not charge any fees upon you when you cancel your flight booking on the same day of the flight booking.

You need to pay $90 only when you cancel your flight booking by taking a visit to the official website of Spirit Airlines. If you went for the Cancellation through the offline mode, you need to pay around $100 according to Spirit Flight Cancellation Policy.

All passengers who cancel their flight booking will receive their refund as travel credit is open for future travel. But you can only use those points in Spirit Airlines.

Fee to Cancel Flight Flex Ticket

  • Passengers with flex flight tickets must pay the Cancellation charge after the risk-free period declines.
  • Usage of the online way to cancel a flight flex ticket will make you pay $90 as the price for Cancellation.
  • While cancelling the flight flex ticket by the offline mode, the price that gets levied on you is $100.
  • The only difference between the standard ticket and the flight flex ticket is that no flight change fees will applied to the flight flex ticket.

Conversely, you must pay the flight changing fees when you have a standard ticket. Besides this, Cancellation fees are applied in both instances and are identical.

Cancellation Fee for Award Ticket

People with Award tickets don’t have to pay Cancellation charges if they cancel the ticket within 24 hours from the booking time.
Outside of this free Cancellation time, Spirit Airlines will charge $110 from you all to cancel your flight booking.
The money left after deducting the Cancellation charge when you cancel the ticket will get credited back into your account as a credit point. You can use those points to travel further.

Spirit Bad Weather Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of Spirit Airlines due to bad weather is slightly different from the standard Spirit Cancellation policy.

Thus, to know what is different in this policy, look at the below pointers:

  • Under this scenario, the airlines didn’t charge any money as the Cancellation charges.
  • After the Cancellation happened off the flight, Spirit Airlines will make your reservation on the next flight.

They’ll ensure that the departure point and destination become similar to your last booking.

  • Every passenger booked with Spirit Airlines has the privilege to cancel, reschedule, and gain a full refund.
  • Due to any reason, when the flight gets cancelled, postponed, or preponed, Spirit Airlines will inform you in advance.
  • In most situations, Spirit Airlines offers full compensation, but it is significant for the passengers to follow the Cancellation policy to secure more benefits for themselves.

Spirit Airline’s Death Policy to Cancel a Flight

It is a fact that some situations exist that are beyond the control and possession of the passengers, like the death of the passenger or any family member or relative. If this is the circumstance that you faced, then Spirit Airlines Cancellation fees wouldn’t get applied to you.

You need to submit the Death Certificate to get back the full amount of the flight ticket as a refund. This procedure is quite simple and easy and can be finished in a few minutes.

Passengers just need to submit the death certificate along with the refund form available on the help center of the Spirit Airlines website.

How to cancel flights per Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy?

By considering the convenience of passengers, Spirit Airlines laid down several ways to easily cancel a flight ticket. To get completely familiar with those methods, look below carefully as all the steps to follow that particular way are given in detail.

How to Cancel a Spirit Airline Ticket Online – Easy Steps for Cancellations

Passenger needs to visit the official website of the Spirit Airlines (spirit.com). Afterwards, they can follow the given process in a stepwise manner:

  • On the homepage of the Spirit Official website, you can easily locate the option “My Trips”
  • On the next page, you need to provide your flight details which are either 6-digit PNR number.
  • Once the flight details are available on the screen, locate the option “Cancel Flight” on the bottom page.
  • The option for flight cancellation fee and the refund claim will depend on your booking and the time of cancellation prior to the flight departure.
  • In case you are eligible for refund, then the amount will be credited in the form of travel credits or the original payment form within 7-10 days.

When the Cancellation process is done, you’ll receive a mail about the confirmation on your registered mail ID. The information about the refund and travel credit that you will receive after the Cancellation is also mentioned in that mail.

Other Options to request for Spirit Flight Cancellation

While the online mode through the official is the most preferred and the common to request for cancellation, passenger can also utilize the following option for the same:

  1. Spirit Helpline Number
  2. Offline request for cancellation at the Airport.
  3. Connect with a live person through Live chat.

Understand How to Cancel Spirit Flights via Phone Number?

You can cancel your flight booking even by calling Spirit Airlines and speak to a live person at Spirit. If you are unaware of the method to move further, go with the steps highlighted below:

  • Dial the Spirit Airlines number to connect with their customer care department.
  • Pay attention to the IVR and follow the instructions to talk to the concerned department about flight Cancellation.
  • Wait for the live person to come on the other end, which will generally take minutes. Once they connect, provide details like the name, flight number, and departure date.
  • Tell them the purpose of the call that you want to cancel your flight booking.
  • After this, go with the instructions given by the airlines’ executive. If there are any additional steps needed to complete, then do it.
  • Now wait for some time, as when the process is finished, they’ll let you know and send you an email regarding the confirmation.
  • Ask for the confirmation of Cancellation when mail is not received and inspect for Spirit Airlines refund as well.

Cancelling the Flight by Reaching the Airport

Pay a visit to the ticket counter of Spirit Airlines and cancel your reservation by Spirit Cancellation policy.

For this, know what you need to do:

  1. Head directly towards the customer care representative of that airline present at the counter. Tell them about Cancellation, and for that, share the required details like the passenger’s name, flight number, and flight departure date.
  2. Don’t argue; just follow the instructions given by the representatives to complete the other requirements. They ask for additional identification proof to verify your identity and assure you about the mode in which you want your refund.
  3. After they finish the Cancellation process from their end, a mail with the same will appear on your registered email ID.

It is important to remember that Spirit Airlines Cancellation fees will apply when you cancel your flight booking. The Spirit Cancellation fee fluctuates too much depending on factors like fare type and the time to do Cancellation.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation fees

Spirit cancellation fees will levied on a person when they proceed further to reverse the ticket. Two specific reasons present that fluctuate the price of Cancellation of Spirit Airlines too much.

These are

  • Destination to which you are traveling
  • Timing of the Cancellation.

Always go for the Cancellation of Spirit Airlines within 24 hours starting from the booking time. But remember that you booked the flight with the fixed departure at least 7 days after the booking day. You must pay the Cancellation fees according to Spirit’s Cancellation policy when you cancel the ticket after the risk-free period.

How to Avoid the Cancellation Fee of Spirit Airlines?

If you need to cancel your flight reservation, you can do it by paying some money as a fee for Cancellation. Besides this, if you want to save your Cancellation fees, proceed with the ways preventing you from paying those charges. No need to worry if you don’t know these tricks as we are listed here all those ways.

So, take a look:

  1. Do Cancellation within 24 hours: cancelling your flight ticket within 24 hours will make you eligible to receive the full amount of your ticket as a refund without any deduction.
  2. Take the usage of your flight credit: Flight Cancellation of Spirit Airlines will give you travel credit instead of the actual price. If you know that you will be traveling in the future, use these travel credits to save yourself from paying Cancellation fees.
  3. Perform Cancellation at least 10 days before: Face any random situation leading you to the Cancellation of your flight booking, then do it before 10 days. When you cancel your flight booking at least 10 days before the flight’s scheduled departure, the charges levied by Spirit Airlines are less.
  4. Rely on your travel insurance: Travel insurance will make things stress-free for you as it will take care of your Cancellation Policy. But you needed to make sure that the travel insurance with which you proceed covers the Cancellation fees of Spirit Airlines.
  5. Know the policy deeply: Ensure you go through the Spirit Cancellation policy carefully to become completely aware of its fees and regulations.

Get a Full Refund on Spirit Cancellation

Under the given circumstances, passengers are entitled to a full refund:

  • Serious Illness, death of the passenger or someone closely related to the passengers.
  • Denied Boarding
  • Cancellation on account of Government or Military orders.

The cancellation fee will be waived in case of passport theft.

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Claiming a Refund through the Official Website of Spirit Airlines

To raise a request to gain the refund through the online method, implement the steps posted below one by one:

  • Reach out to the website of Spirit Airline and log into your account.
  • Head to the “My Trips” section and look for the flight reservation you are seeking the refund.
  • The “Request Refund” button is the next step in this online procedure.
  • Enter the required information to proceed with this method and then submit the refund request.
  • At last, Spirit Airlines will look into your matter and process the refund when you pass all the criteria to obtain the refund.

Refund Claiming Process by Mobile App

Follow the steps highlighted below to lodge a request for a refund with the usage of the Mobile Application of Spirit Airlines.

  • Open the app on your smartmobile phone, to begin with the procedure.
  • Get into your account if you already have one; if not, create one.
  • Click on the “My Trips” section to go further.
  • Look out for the flight reservation for which you want to gain a refund.
  • Once you get that flight booking, click the “Refund” button.

Proceed further without stopping by following the instructions that keep coming up on the screen. And if any need arises for any kind of documentation, submit it.

Check twice all terms and conditions about Spirit Airlines’ refund policy and then submit the request for the same after reviewing everything.

Know about Flight Flex on Spirit Airlines

Is it still dicey whether you go for your trip or not? If positive, add the flight flex to your flight reservation. It is the protection from paying out the alteration charges. It is on the Extras page available on the official website of the Spirit Airlines.

After indulging this option in your booking, you can change your flight booking for free. It is present until 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. But you can make the changes by online way only. Moreover, any difference arising in the fare and taxes will have to be borne by the passengers only.

  • An individual can only purchase the flight flex while performing the flight booking.
  • If you already made your reservation and have a flight booking, you lost the right to obtain Flight Flex.
  • All the passengers only have the right to alter their flight reservations once after buying flight flex.
  • The availability of Flight Flex isn’t present on all kinds of Spirit Airlines tickets.

Spirit Policy in Case of Flight Cancellation by the Airlines

  • In case of cancellation or significant delay, rebooking is available for the passengers on the next available flight with the same origin and departure station.
  • Free meals and accommodation are availed for the passenger in case required.
  • No cancellation fee is applicable if the passengers do not prefer the new arrangement made in case of cance

Bottom Line!

Spirit Cancellation Policy enables every passenger to cancel their flight ticket with ease and lets them have the travel as per their need and wish. Every detailed information regarding this policy is specified here. Go through it and get aware of every clause of this Cancellation policy. Moreover, when facing any problem with us, feel free to call or reach out to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cancellation fee for any Spirit Airlines ranges from USD 69 to USD 119. In case the cancellation has been done within 24 hours of the flight booking or at least 60 days prior to the flight departure,then there is no cancellation fee.

In that situation, either the airlines will rebook you to the next available flight and in case you are considering the alternate flight option, then you can proceed to free cancellation for which refund will be transferred within 7-10 days in the original form of payment.

The flight flex offers to change the flight itinerary for free. However, the option of cancellation will still be chargeable. To redeem free cancellation, follow the norm mentioned in the Spirit Flight Cancellation Policy or utilize the Cancel for Any Reason”

Yes, passengers can cancel or change their Free Spirit Reward ticket. In case of cancellation, the available travel points will be credited to the passenger account.

Passengers can make the travel credit out of the amount of the Non-refundable fare through the “Cancel For Any Reason” offered by Spirit Airlines.

If the flight has been delayed for more than 2 hours, then the passenger can request for a full refund.