Spirit Airlines Check in Policy


Are you traveling to your dream destination in this summer vacation? Experience topmost comfort now in Spirit Airlines Flight since it has various amenities and lots of fun at a low cost. The Spirit Airlines Check-in policy is the most famous among the international destinations, covering Latin America and the entire United States.

Check-in process: Spirit Airlines

To make check-in easier for the passengers, Spirit provides various methods through which the flyers can check-in for their flight. Standing in long queues for check-in at the airport counter is officially out of trend. Read further to know the check-in methods, and choose what best suits you for your next trip!

Checking in Online with Spirit. In a world where everything is technology-based, you can also perform airline check-in online. Passengers can easily do their check-in process on domestic and international flights 24 hours before departure time.

Once this spirit check in process is completed, the passenger must opt for their preferred seat and add bags to their reservation. Flyers are also requested to pay for baggage at the same time.

Alternatively, if the passenger has already checked in without reserving the baggage, there’s no need to worry. It can be done easily before the time of boarding the flight at the Spirit Airlines check-in counter located at the Airport.

Is Spirit Airline Check-In Policy available for all?

Regardless of whether you are flying a domestic or international flight, Spirit has kept its doors open for check-in to all its passengers without differentiating based on their fare type or booked class.

You may check-in if you meet the following criteria:

The flyer purchased a ticket through the online method.
If there is more than one segment of the flight, then the first segment is operated by Spirit.
The Spirit Airlines booking is limited to four or fewer flight segments.
The same PNR does not include more than nine passengers in one booking.
No other services are requested by the flyer before check-in.

Options for Spirit Online Check-In

To start the Spirit Airlines check-in online, the flyers are required to fill in their 13-digit ticket number, six-digit reference number, or their Spirit Club Mileage Number.  During the online check-in process, the passengers have a choice to request the following:

Baggage Check-in

  1. Payment of checked baggage or extra baggage fee
  2. Changes in flight
  3. Updating Spirit Club Mileage Number
  4. Upgrading or requesting a seat change

How to Check-In Online with Spirit?

Spirit Airlines Check-In Policy allows you to check-in online or through the mobile app 30 hours before the departure. The process after checking in is quite easy, as you have to show the airport security agent your boarding pass, drop your suitcases at the assigned baggage area, then reach the security gate and wait till the boarding starts.

Now, to learn how to check in online, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the main website of Spirit Airlines (spirit.com) and select the ‘Check-In’ option that is available on the home page.
  2. Provide the last name of the person booking it and the six-digit confirmation number.
  3. Click on Check-In to move forward.
  4. Choose the seat of your preference and then click on OK. The options would be saved automatically.
  5. Following the screen prompts, mention your health status.
  6. Read the goods and restricted articles as displayed in front of you, and then click on the checkbox.
  7. Now, pay the baggage fee after checking your baggage with Spirit Airlines.
  8. Your web check-in is now successful. Print your boarding pass and start your dream journey!

Spirit Airlines Check-In Policy: Restricted Online Check-In

A passenger is not eligible for online check-in for their Spirit flight if:

  • They are traveling with a service animal or a pet.
  • Their travel booking includes ten or more passengers under the same PNR .
  • They are flying with a lap infant.Their booking is made for unaccompanied minor service.
  • They are carrying a Military ID instead of a passport.
  • Their booking includes purchasing a special item or an extra seat.
  • They are departing from an International location and are a non-US Citizen.

Spirit Airlines Check-In Policy: With Mobile

Checking in has been made much easier, as you can now do it from any corner of your home, office, or garden. There is no need for a laptop or desktop, as Spirit Airlines Check-In Policy allows you to check in from your smart mobile device.

The passengers can do so from 24 hours to 60 minutes before scheduled departure, and they will then receive the boarding pass on their smartphone. The rest of the process remains the same as before.

However, you can check in with mobile if:

  1. Spirit operates your flight’s first segment.
  2. You have an e-ticket.
  3. You can access your booked ticket with the help of the e-ticket number, six-digit reference number, or the Mileage Number.
  4. No other services like unaccompanied minors, wheelchair assistance, etc., requested by the passenger.
  5. The Airport that the passenger is departing from accepts mobile app check-in.

Spirit Airlines Check-In Policy: Restricted Mobile Check-In

A passenger is not eligible for mobile check-in for their Spirit flight if:

  1. In any case, they are traveling with a service animal or a pet.
    Travel booking includes ten or more passengers under the same PNR.
  2. Are flying with a lap infant.
  3. Reservation is made for unaccompanied minor service.
  4. Are carrying a Military ID instead of a passport.
  5. Booking includes purchasing a special item or an extra seat.

Passengers departing from an International location and, in addition, are non-US Citizens.

Spirit Airlines Check-In Policy: With Voice

You can check in with Voice if you are in a low network area and cannot access the internet on your smartphone or laptop. This feature is unique and available for all domestic passengers, provided only ten flyers are in the same PNR.

Voice check-in also allows the customers to convey the number of bags they are carrying, know the baggage allowance charges as per their luggage, schedule whether their boarding documents are to be sent to their Email, or choose the pick up from Spirit kiosk counter at the Airport.

Steps to check in with Voice?

To check in with Voice, the passengers must call the Airlines and follow the steps given below:

  1. Provide your booked ticket’s six-digit reference code when the Spirit executive asks.
  2. Next, select your seat and convey the same to the agent.
    The agent will also update your health record on the flight system, as provided by you.
  3. Spirit Airlines executive will ask you to agree to the restricted goods and articles.
  4. Provide the details of checked baggage and make payment while on call.
  5. The Spirit agent will send your boarding pass to your Email.
  6. Your check-in with Voice is now successful.

 Check-in at the Curbside

The Spirit Airlines Check-In Policy also allows the passengers to check in for their Spirit Airlines flight at the curbside, which is available on most of the United States’ airport locations. This facility is available for check-in, starting 4 hours before the scheduled departure time, up to 30 minutes before the takeoff.

Passengers are requested to carry a Government-issued ID and the six-digit code sent by Email when the booking was purchased. Passengers must also provide the flight number or the e-ticket to complete the process easily.

To know more about the airports that provide curbside check-in, visit the official website of Spirit Airlines and check the list and check-in time.

Kiosk Check-In with Spirit Airlines

Checking in by calling the Airlines can be time-consuming at times. To save this precious time, Spirit Airlines Check-In Policy offers flyers a way to perform self-check-in with the help of a Kiosk available at all the US airports.

This is useful for passengers facing trouble or technical issues during online check-in. You can use this machine starting from four hours before the departure up to 60 minutes before the scheduled departure.

What is the process to check in with Kiosk?

Now, all the US airports have Kiosks available so that the passengers can check in without any hassles. Furthermore, the flyers must carry a Government ID, a six-digit confirmation number, and a flight number to complete their check-in process.

What are the steps to check in with Kiosk?

  1. Reach the ticket counter or the Spirit Kiosk check-in available at the Airport.
  2. Provide the booking details to find the flight you’re looking for.
  3. Then, select your preferred seat and also share your health status.
  4. A boarding pass is issued after these steps.
  5. Now go to the baggage area and drop your luggage.
  6. Pay the baggage fee.
  7. You will now receive your boarding receipt.
  8. Thereafter, head to the security main gate for boarding.

What else can Spirit Kiosk help with?

Kiosk does not only help a passenger in checking-in, but also:

  • Print out the boarding pass at USD 2 per pass.
  • Viewing your itinerary.
  • Adding bags and extras.
  • Selecting a seat on the aircraft.
  • Moreover, upgrading a seat.
  • Self Tagging of bags at some airports.

Spirit Airlines boarding zones

  1. Passengers who are fairly new to flight travel might face issues.
  2. Therefore, the information below will help them learn about the boarding Zones.

Pre-Boarding Zone

  1. Includes flyers who require special assistance or need.
  2. Flyers with disabilities.

Zone One

  1. Flyers who have a carry-on bag.
  2. Flyers who have hand luggage.

Zone Two

  1. Flyers who purchased priority boarding.
  2. Additionally, flyers who have Spirit membership or frequent flyer status.
  3. Zone Three
  4. General Boarding
  5. Front and Back entrance of the plane.

Spirit Check In Time

Since various methods help a passenger check-in, keeping the timings in mind cannot be easy. Therefore, to make it easier for the flyers to note, an illustration is given below with the check-in time, as per the Spirit Airlines pre-check-in policy.


  • 24 Hours to 60 Minutes
  • 4 Hours to 60 Minutes
  • 24 Hours to 60 Minutes
  • Carry On Baggage:
  • 1 Hour (Domestic Flights)
  • 2 Hours (International Flights)
  • Checked Baggage:
  • 45 Minutes (Domestic Flights)
  • 90 Minutes (International Flights)

How Can You Make Spirit Check-In Easier?

Read the following points highlighting tips and tricks to make your check-in process easier.

Online check-in is a quick and convenient way.

  1. To avoid issues and panic in the end, check in as soon as the processing time opens.
  2. Keep all the identification documents handy to complete the process without trouble.
  3. To avoid waiting for hours at the Airport, pay the baggage fee and select the seat you wish to have.
  4. Please reach the Airport in time and allow the Airport executives to help you with security and boarding.
  5. Checking bags is a crucial step before you reach the Airport.
  6. Make sure you don’t have any restricted articles in your luggage.


Summing up, Spirit Airlines Check-In Policy has made check-in easier and available for everyone. This is indeed great news for all the wanderers since traveling is more fun with hassle-free check-in. Read the above-mentioned methods and steps carefully to learn how Spirit Airlines check-in works, whether you are eligible for the process, and how early you need to reach the Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spirit is a low-fare airline that covers a total of 649 routes currently. These include 501 domestic routes and 149 international routes.

As noted above, Spirit Airlines allows you to check-in in the following ways:

  • Online
  • Mobile
  • Kiosk
  • At Airport
  • Curbside
  • Pre
  • Self Check In

Spirit Airlines Check-In Bag Policy allows you to check in through the abovementioned methods. Once you have checked in, you will be asked to check in your baggage automatically. Make the payment after checking in the baggage, and your check-in process is completed.

Spirit wants all its passengers to have hassle-free boarding; therefore, we suggest you reach the Airport a minimum of one hour before the departure time for your domestic flights. Similarly, reaching 2 hours before the departure of the Spirit International flight is recommended.

Active military personnel are allowed to travel with the following items without any cost:

  • One personal item
  • Single carry-on bag
  • Two checked bags