MCO Terminal at Spirit

What Terminal is Spirit at MCO : An Informative Reply

If your mind pops up with the query, what terminal is Spirit at MCO? Then you reach out to the right place this time. Spirit Airlines mainly uses Terminal B to regulate their flight from Orlando International Airport. In contrast, all other airlines use terminal A to manage their flights.

Want to take a deep dive into this matter? Then read down this entire write-up till the end. You will get fully updated with the answer to “What Terminal is Spirit Airlines”. No problem will ever come in the middle of your way of boarding a flight on Spirit Airlines.

General Details About MCO Spirit Terminal

Refer to the table below to acquire information about Spirit Airlines MCO terminal. It will give you glimpses of all the details that are useful to know.

Name of the Airport Orlando International Airport (MCO)
IATA at Airport MCO
Address of the Airport 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, USA
Names of Terminals at Airport Three terminals are here that are A, B, and C
Working Hours 24 hours
Airport Contact Number 1234567890
Facebook Handle
Twitter Handle
Instagram Handle
YouTube Handle Spirit Airlines Youtube

Particulars About MCO Airport Spirit Terminal B

Almost all flights regulated by Spirit Airlines will take off or land from this spot only, i.e., Terminal B at Orlando International Airport. On the other hand, Alaska Airlines mostly uses Terminal A. When the scenario of altering the terminal arises, Spirit Airlines members inform the passengers before their departures or arrivals.

Check your flight confirmation to gather information about the gate and to know what terminal Spirit Airlines at MCO is. Besides this, you can also check either the airport’s website or mobile application.

Present Services at MCO Spirit Terminal B

Several services are available for all the passengers at Orlando Airport Spirit Terminal. To know what you will obtain when you reach here, look below:

  • Various Shops and Retail: Spirit MCO Terminal is adorned with plenty of shops and retail stores that consist of Souvenir shops, bookstores, and duty-free stores.
  • Exchange of Currency: Passengers coming from some other country and wanting to have that specific place’s currency can go ahead with this alternative.
  • Wi-Fi and Charging Stations: The presence of free Wi-Fi and charging ports will make the passengers’ travel time convenient. They can get connected with their loved ones during the travel as well.
  • Restrooms and Showers: If you are having the flight booking connecting flights from Spirit Airlines MCO Terminal, you will have the privilege to freshen up by taking a shower.
  • Unlimited options of Food & Beverages: A plethora of options of restaurants, cafes, and fast food stalls are located here. You can walk up to any counter at the airport terminal, from kiosk points to the vending machines.
  • The facility of ATM and Banking: All passengers who need to do some transaction or want cash can use the ATM at the airport.
  • Inquiry Desks: Some of the team members of the concerned airlines are always available at these desks to resolve your queries. You can come here with any kind of query related to booking, services, and amenities you’ll acquire on your flight.

Note: It is quite significant to know that all the services or facilities at Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal. They also pass through the mode of change depending on multiple factors. Furthermore, you should regularly visit the airport’s main website to get more updates on this information.

Levels at Spirit Airlines MCO Terminal B

The answer to the query “What Terminal is Spirit at MCO?” is Terminal B. You can witness a three-level terminal building at terminal B of Orlando International Airport. Thus, to know about the functions of each level, you have to pay attention to the below-given pointers:

 First Level

It is the level that exists for the arrivals. All the passengers who came here can claim their baggage and then easily proceed to make their way out to the airport. Alternatives for transportation and commutation include rental cars, taxis, sharing rides, and sometimes shuttle service.

Second Level

This level is like a departure gate for all the passengers going to some other place. They can easily check-in for their flight, proceed to drop their baggage, and pass the screening process. After passing out the security section, passengers have the right to get access to the terminal’s retail and dining options. You can directly make your way towards the gate to board the flight.

Third Level

Have you heard about ticketing places? If yes, know that the third level of this terminal of Orlando Spirit Terminal is the ticketing level. You can locate all boarding gates and ticket counters here. At this level, several facilities exist, like currency exchange, ATMs, Nursing rooms, Premium Lounges, restrooms, and many more.


Spirit Orlando Terminal B comprises 2 Airsides: Airside 3 and Airside 4. They both provide different services to passengers and have the listed boarding gates.

  • Gates from 30 to 59 comes under Airside 3.
  • Gates from 70 to 99 come under Airside 4.

Be Familiar with MCO Spirit Airlines Terminal A

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal A at MCO and Terminal B at Orlando International Airport. Airside 1 and Airside 2 have their roots at this terminal. It has its place on the North side of the North Terminal Complex.

Spirit Airlines uses this terminal for both cases, i.e., for departure and arrival of the flights.

Segments or Levels Spirit Orlando Airport Terminal A

Three levels are present at Terminal A at MCO, and to be aware of such crucial detail, you have to look below:

First Level

It is the ground transportation area that consists of the transportation facility along with the Baggage claim area. From Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal departures and arrivals, you can book a cab from here to wherever you want.

Second Level

This level is a baggage claim area where carousels from 1 to 16 are situated. You can receive pickup points for rideshare facilities.

Third Level

Being a ticketing area, this level consists of multiple booking counters and boarding gates. Furthermore, the facilities present here, along with ticketing, are restrooms, lounges, phones, information desks, currency exchange, and restaurants.

Airside Concourses

At this MCO spirit terminal A, two Airsides Concourses are available. Those names are Airside A with gates from 1-29 under it. On the other side, gates from 100 to 129 belong to Airside B.

Prime Destinations of Orlando Airport Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines operates flights to almost every corner of the World from Terminal A of MCO International Airport. You can also fly to any of the International destinations of your choice. Some places where they regulate flights domestically are Atlanta, Newark, and San Juan. If you have the urge to travel Internationally with Spirit Airlines, you should choose a spot such as Cancun.

Domestic spots International stops
Atlanta, Georgia Cancun, Mexico
San Juan, Puerto Rico Montego Bay, Jamaica
Newark, New Jersey Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania San Jose, Costa Rica
Chicago–O’Hare, Illinois Bogota, Colombia
Charlotte, North Carolina
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
New York–LaGuardia, New York
Baltimore, Maryland

Services at Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal

Terminal A is open to all passengers. All passengers can take the Spirit Airlines flight by marking their presence at this part. Apart from this, several other facilities are also present here. It comprises the Reward program, TSA Precheck, knowing the flight status, and other facilities. You can easily check in for your flight without any hindrance by coming here.

TSA Precheck

The TSA Precheck facility of Spirit Airlines provides a free hand to every passenger to check-in. You must fill out the online application form to get this privilege. This privilege allows you to pass the security check-in without removing any of your accessories. It will let you save a lot of time for yourself.

Book or Manage Your Flight

At Orlando International Airport, you can book flight tickets for both Domestic and International flights. There is a separate window present for the same at the airport. Let them know about the requirements that you accepted. If you get lucky, you’ll find some special deals or discounts to make your trip better. In addition, you can also perform some modifications in your booking depending on your flight fare.

Free Spirit Reward Program

All the passengers traveling with Spirit Airlines can take advantage of the frequent flyer program of Spirit Airlines. The name of this program is called as Free Spirit. It consists of three levels. These are Free Spirit Members, Gold, and Silver. You can simply earn points and gather them to redeem them to minimize ticket fares and grab some additional benefits.

In-Flight Facility

Various kinds of facilities are present with Spirit Airlines reservations depending on the type of ticket that you have. It is generally related to the kind of snacks, food, and beverages. Besides this, you can go with in-flight entertainment sources like TV shows or films. Don’t care about the comfort; the seats are so fluffy that they will instantly take you to the world of Dreams. High-speed Wi-Fi service is present there to ensure your connectivity with your family or friends.

Facility of Check-in

Plenty of ways exist for all of you to do the check-in. To easily perform this process come to Spirit Airlines MCO terminal. You can also perform this by visiting the official website. Before using these ways, you should know the time to check in. And everyone must submit valid documents related to their traveling.


All the amenities a passenger needs are at Spirit Airlines MCO Terminal. After reading all the information, you can make your way to the flight easily and without a single obstacle. Furthermore, you can use the facilities by reaching the valid level of that terminal specifically present at that place.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything in brief.

Most generally, Spirit Airlines mostly operated with the usage of Terminal B. But sometimes, they also take the usage of Terminal A.

Spirit Airlines use both terminals present at MCO, i.e., Terminal A and Terminal B.

Spirit Airlines is present at the Orlando International Airport, MCO, Orlando.