Spirit Frequent Flyer Program

Spirit Frequent Flyer Program

If you are loyal to a particular airline, you will surely receive credit points from them. Here, it is regarded as Spirit Airlines frequent flyer program/Spirit® loyalty program. Under this article, you can see all the facets of this royalty program of this specific carrier and its benefits after connecting with it.

Are you a regular traveler? If yes, you should go through this as it will make you save a lot of money by bagging up a lot of perks.

Spirit Frequent Flyer program is the loyalty program of the airlines that we are taking into consideration. Under this program, all the passengers can earn miles points and redeem them whenever they feel the usage. It generally acts like money, so you can use it instead of spending your money.

How Do I Sign Up for Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program?

Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer is a free loyalty program that wouldn’t stop anyone from joining. And there is not a rigid form of process that you need to follow to join it.

  • Follow the steps, implement each one by one, and complete Spirit Airlines flyer sign-up.
  • Head directly to the official website of Spirit Airlines and tap on the “Free Spirit” tab.
  • Click on the option “Sign Up Today For free,” and instantly, a form will appear on the screen.
  • Here, you need to enter the required information in the required sections. These are First name, last name, Date of Birth, Country of residence, address, city name, PIN code, Email Address, and a new password.
  • Tick on the box showing that you agree to their terms and conditions, and then click on “Sign Up Now” to complete the process.
  • When you conclude this procedure, you can earn and redeem points for booking another flight.

Moreover, you can witness your points’ activity and expiry span by signing into your account.

Ways to Redeem Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer points

There are Multiple ways out there apart from booking award flights to redeem the flyer point of Spirit Airlines. Continue reading on this page to know where you can spend your reward points.

By Booking Spirit Airlines Flight

Since no other alliance or partner airlines of Spirit Airlines are present, apart from award flights, you can redeem these points to make reservations for flights operated by Spirit. Remember that you don’t need to pay a single penny as ticket fees while booking a flight 28 days before the departure date of the flight.

After this window, you must pay an extra $50 as a ticketing fee.

By Indulging it with Cash

All the members have the privilege of booking flights with cash and points, so make a useful combination.

In Buying Partner-Listed Products and Services

Members related to Spirit can also buy products and services with these points. A wide range of partners merged with Spirit Airlines allows redeeming the points. It includes hotels, rental cars, and lifestyle.

How to earn Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Reward Points?

Unlike all other airlines, Spirit Airlines allows each of its passengers to easily earn reward points in value for every dollar they spend.

A few such ways are highlighted here; please take a look and learn how to earn flyer points.

  1. First is by flying; the more you fly, the more you can earn Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer points. They can earn more points by increasing their membership. Gold members can earn 10 reward points for every dollar they spend on flight booking.
  2. A Spirit Airlines credit card is the second best way to earn loyalty points. You can earn numerous points by using it multiple times.
  3. By purchasing with the partner, you can earn frequent flyer points and redeem them for future bookings.


Next time you fly with Spirit Airlines, add your loyalty account to your booking to earn free frequent flyer points. It will benefit you as you can redeem it for various purposes. If you encounter any problem in your miles point matter, reach out to us, as our team is always available to assist you every moment.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything in brief.

Certainly, they have one. Everyone can easily sign up for it.

Free Spirit points don’t expire as long as you update the account by earning it or redeeming it within 12 months. Another case that saves it from getting expired is when you hold a free spirit card.

You all are equipped with the right through which you can easily purchase free spirit points that you can use to make flight bookings in the future.