Spirit Dog Policy

Spirit Dog Policy: Travel With Your Furry Friend

Are you planning a family trip this winter? Are you worried about how will you leave your dog at home? The answer is quite easy. You can take your wiggly friend with you! Since dogs are a part of our family, why not take them along wherever we go? As you read this blog further, you will learn more about the Spirit Dog Policy and the rules and regulations that come with it.

Spirit Dog Policy: An Overview

Spirit Airlines allows all its passengers, irrespective of what ticket type they hold, to bring their pets on the plane with them. Every major Airline has its own set of rules and conditions when it comes to flying with pets. Similarly, Spirit Airlines Animal Policy allows passengers to bring dogs on the aircraft. Read the below-given points to get a better overview of Spirit Dog Policy:

  • Spirit Airlines allows pet dogs to travel on their plane.
  • Each passenger is allowed a maximum of two pets.
  • The dog must stay inside the pet carrier at all times.
  • The maximum weight of the carrier and dog combined should not exceed 18.14kg or 40 pounds.
  • Other pets allowed on Spirit flights include small household birds, cats, and small rabbits.
  • Your puppy must be at least eight weeks old and fully weaned in order to travel on Spirit.
  • The pet must stay inside the carrier during the entire flight and should be placed under the seat in front of you.
  • Passengers cannot travel with their dog in the emergency exit rows.
  • The dimensions of the pet carrier should not exceed 18 x 14 x 9 inches. Moreover, the carrier must fit under the seat in front of you.
  • Emotional support animal traveling on Spirit is subject to the same pet fee as others. The airlines may charge up to $135 for Dogs.

Spirit Airlines Service Dog Policy

The Spirit Airlines Service Animal Policy only allows dogs to travel as service animals. But before they do, the passenger must submit the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Service Animal Air Transportation Form. The form can be submitted online at least 48 hours before the departure.

It is better to submit the Spirit Airlines Service Dog forms online and in time, as bringing the form to the airport just before the scheduled departure may result in a 50-50 chance of request approval.

If you are traveling on an international flight with your service dog, make sure you read the rules for bringing your pet to your particular destination. Moreover, if you are returning to the United States with your service dog, read the immunization and other necessary documents required.


Spirit Airlines is one the most renowned airlines in operation, and they ensure fast and optimal services for all. If you are a passenger who would like to take their pet on a vacation, then Spirit Dog Policy is for you. In case you have any queries, please feel free to call Spirit at +1-855-502-0002.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything in brief.

Yes. Spirit Airlines allows all their passengers to travel with their pet dogs under some conditions. Therefore, make sure you abide by the rules of Spirit Dog Policy.

Yes. Spirit Airlines no longer considers therapy dogs or emotional support animals trainer service animals. Hence, the passengers are liable to pay the pet fee set by Spirit Airlines.

Passengers can contact Spirit Airlines by calling their phone number +1-855-502-0002 since the customer care agents can help you 24/7 with their expert travel knowledge.