Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance With Ease

She tensed of that fact whether you would receive Wheelchair assistance or not when traveling with Spirit Airlines. Don’t think too much, as Spirit Wheelchair assistance is given to you as soon as you step at the airport. Look further here without wasting another minute, as every piece of information regarding Spirit Airlines Wheelchair assistance is highlighted here.

Whether you or your loved ones need assistance, we are here to help you.

Regulations of Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Spirit Airlines strives hard with its top-notch services to make travel for each passenger stress-free. These services also include the allotment of Wheelchair assistance Spirit Airlines, but certain guidelines or regulations are present there. Get familiar with all these regulations as it is necessary and will become useful sometimes when you seek for the need of Spirit Wheelchair Assistance.

Here all the major guidelines regarding Wheelchair assistance at Spirit Airlines are stated:

  • People’s minds surely pop up with this query “How to add wheelchair assistance in Spirit?”. So, to tackle this, Spirit Airlines will introduce methods like online, offline, or through travel agents.
  • Try to mark your presence at the airport earlier than the scheduled departure to avail the facility of Spirit Airlines Handicap Assistance.
  • At the time of Spirit flight booking, tell the airlines that you will need the assistance of a wheelchair.
  • In case you feel the need for some special assistance during the flight, ask flight attendants for help.
  • When you can’t walk down to your seat, the assistance of a wheelchair or aisle seat is provided to all such passengers.
  • Suppose you will need a wheelchair to get de-board the flight, then inform the airlines about the same, and they will provide you with that facility.
  • A passenger traveling with a wheelchair needs to notify the airline in advance.
  • When traveling with a pet or an animal, then, you have to request pet travel under the pet policy of Spirit Airlines.

How to Request a Wheelchair on Spirit Airlines?

Different methods are available, and when you go through them, you will get the answer “How to add a wheelchair to Spirit Airlines?” as well.

Add Spirit Handicapped Assistance by Online Means

  • Reach the official website and then click on “My Trips.”
  • Tap on the booking of the flight after exploring it.
  • Explore the next page to spot the alternative of special assistance and wheelchair service.
  • Enter the required details in the apt sections and then hit the submit button.

Spirit Wheelchair Assistance Through Calling

  1. Search for the Spirit Airlines Special Assistance phone number.
  2. Dial the number  1 (855) 728-3555 or +1-855-502-0002 and get connected with a representative of the team.
  3. Tell them about your purpose of calling and that you need wheelchair assistance from Spirit Airlines.
  4. Let them know some of the necessary information regarding your flight booking and special needs.
  5. In the end, the team member of Spirit Assistance added the facility of a wheelchair and told you about all other additional instructions.

Ask for a Wheelchair by Paying at the Airport Directly

  • Make sure that you reach the airport earlier than the scheduled departure.
  • Then head towards the check-in counter or customer service desk.
  • Tell them about your need that you need Spirit Airlines Handicap assistance.
  • They will inform you about the process and then ask for the requirements you need to entertain.
  • Be ready to tell them every piece of information they want to know. In addition, keep all those documents that are significant or related to your booking.

Fee For Spirit Wheelchair Assistance

Spirit Airlines levied no cost for Wheelchair assistance as it is complementary. They make sure to provide every passenger with every comfort. But remember that you need to request Spirit Wheelchair assistance earlier as it is based on a first come and first serve basis. A professionally trained member from the airline’s side will assist you from check-in to boarding moment. They will ensure you won’t face any trouble traveling with Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines’ wheelchair assistance and all other facilities will make everyone think that Spirit aims for the comfort of passengers only. They ensure that people who need any kind of special assistance will receive it without making more effort.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything in brief.

Yes, it is completely free. You don’t have to pay a single penny to use a wheelchair at the airport, no matter in which class you are traveling.

Certainly, Spirit Airlines have disabled seating. These seating are loaded with all the accessibility and with more space.

There are no specific age restrictions present, but all the passengers who feel the requirement for Spirit Airlines wheelchair can raise a request for the same.