Spirit Airlines Loyalty Program

Spirit Airlines Loyalty Program – All You Need to Know

Do you think of taking a break or an escape but drop the plan due to the high price of the flight? Hence, become a member of the Free loyalty program of Spirit Airlines and make a flight booking to your ideal place without even touching your bank account. The Spirit Airlines Loyalty program goes into modification from time to time so please go through it.

Each facet or corner of this Spirit Airlines free loyalty program is specified; pay attention till the end.

A Short Description of Spirit Airlines Loyalty Program

Spirit Airlines Loyalty program is a frequent flyer program in which every passenger will receive some miles points that are no less than money. This program was revived again and came into existence in 2021. Move your eyes to the points given here that will give you a better understanding of the free loyalty program.

  • Earlier than this updated program, people used to earn miles points based on the distance they flew with Spirit Airlines.
  • Now, when they make some alterations and come up with Spirit Airlines New Loyalty Program, all the passengers can earn points and elite status. It depends on the amount that a person spends on his traveling with Spirit Airlines.
  • In addition to this, the rule of getting expired in 3 months is discarded from the program.

Hence, these are all the major changes you can witness in Spirit Airlines’ new loyalty program.

How can Someone Earn Miles offered by the Free Loyalty Program?

There is no single way or procedure to earn miles points. So, no sense of coercion will be faced by anyone; they need to strictly adhere to this process only. Hence, multiple ways are present to load your account with miles points; you can also follow them:

  • The first way is that people can get more mile points by spending more on their flight tickets from Spirit Airlines.
  • Purchasing flight-related stuff like seats and bags will make you gather many miles points for yourself. This whole procedure of gaining Spirit points is called the A La Smarte option.
  • In addition to these two ways, Spirit Airlines launched two credit cards: the Free Spirit Travel Mastercard and the Free Spirit Travel More World Elite Mastercard.

You can receive too many mile points when implementing and using the above points. You can also avail yourself of the Spirit TSA Precheck facility. It means that the airline will speed up the whole security check-up at the airport.

Know How to Join the Free Loyalty Program of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines’ reward program is free for everyone, and anyone can join it anytime. The process isn’t difficult to follow and to make it easier, we list a detailed step-by-step guide that will save you a lot of time.

Execute these steps in the manner it is highlighted here:

  1. Write the URL of the official website of Spirit Airlines in the URL bar after opening the browser and hit enter.
  2. Now, click “Sign Up Today for free” As soon as you click on it, the form will appear.
  3. On the appearing page, you must enter prime information that includes First name, last name, date of birth, country to live, address, city name, zip code, and Email.
  4. By checking the box, the next step is to show that you agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. After this, select the “Sign Up” tab to conclude the process of joining Spirit Airlines New Loyalty program.

Levels Present Under Spirit Airlines Free Loyalty Program

Free Spirit reward program offers two kinds of levels, i.e., Free Spirit Silver and Free Spirit Gold. Your Elite status level is determined by the number of points someone will earn in a year. A member needs to earn 2000 Spirit reward points for Free Spirit Silver and 5000 points for Free Spirit Gold status.

Look below to have an idea about both of these levels present under the free loyalty program of Spirit Airlines.

Free Spirit Silver Member

All the Spirit Silver members will earn 8 times per dollar on airfare and 16 times when spent on supportive stuff. Some of the benefits that someone who belongs to this group are:

  • Standby service on the same day.
  • Cutting down the procedure of the Security check-in.
  • Seat allocation at the exit row.
  • Exclusion of overweight baggage.
  • Dedicated attention to the passengers boarding the flight.
  • Offering quick boarding process rather than other.

Free Spirit Gold Member

All the Gold members can earn 10 times on every dollar they spend on the fare of the flight and 20 times when it is spent on some other stuff. Besides this, some other benefits are listed here as well:

  • The privilege of bringing free carry-on baggage and free checked luggage.
  • Complimentary snacks and drinks for free during the flight journey.
  • Pet fees don’t count under this.
  • All advantages of Free Spirit Silver members are included in it.
    Free facility of flight flex.
  • Boarding from the section of Zone 1.

What is the Procedure for Redeeming Miles Points Earned by the Free Loyalty Program of Spirit Airlines?

After earning a decent number of miles points, if you are thinking of using them, you can redeem them online or offline.

To know the way to redeem Spirit Airlines loyalty program reward points, pay attention:

  • Head towards the main website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Now, after choosing the book a flight option, tap on the category and purchase points.
  • Right next to this, when you click on the search button, your window will update with the list of flights and the points you received from each of them specifically.
  • Ultimately, choose one you want to redeem and then go ahead with the process.

Highlights or Facts About Spirit Airlines Miles Point

It is self-evident that you all may get a perspective about the Free loyalty program, but there are some facts present as well that are necessary for all of you. Please pay attention to each point because they are as important as every other aspect of this write-up.

Following are the facts of Spirit Airlines new loyalty program:

  • Miles earned with the Spirit Airlines World MasterCard need at least 6 weeks to get posted.
  • All the Spirit Airlines miles points will expire after the inactive span of 3 consecutive months.
  • All passengers can earn mileage credit up to 30 days after they start to fly with Spirit Airlines.
  • Spirit makes a terrific pattern through which people can quickly know about the miles points they received. After every purchase, a confirmation email will instantly appear on your registered mail ID. You can witness the full payment you made, and the final ticket will reflect in your mail ID after 3-4 days.
  • Generally, mile points will take around 5 days to reflect in your free Spirit dining account.


Spirit Airlines‘ new loyalty program will earn you credit points for every transaction you do with them. Later on, it will give you many advantages that will make you save more, and you’ll feel any burden on your pocket. It is an ideal scenario for you if you consider yourself a wanderer. Moreover, while facing any problem, don’t roam anywhere. Rather, get in touch with Spirit Airlines Customer Service number.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything in brief.

If you are among those who hold a Spirit Airlines World card, gain only 2500 free Spirit miles reward points for a side trip with them. But when you didn’t have that card, you needed to collect 10,000 mile points.

It is free for everyone to become a member of Spirit Airlines’ new loyalty program, and they can easily do it by filling out the form presented on the official website of Spirit Airlines.

Free Spirit Airlines reward program points will expire after the inactivity of 12 months.

Elite status with Spirit expires every 6 months, so ensure you will meet all the requirements within the particular period to revive your Free Spirit Elite Status.

Yes, Bank of America indeed offers 2-co-branded credit cards of Spirit Airlines. The names of that card are the Free Spirit World Elite Card and the Free Spirit Card.