Spirit Airlines Austin

Spirit Airlines Austin: All You Need To Know!

Are you wondering where does Spirit fly from Austin? This blog highlights everything you need to know about Spirit Airlines  Austin. It also includes terminal services and answers all your questions, including where it flies.

Before we jump straight to business, let’s read quickly when and where did Spirit originate from. The bright yellow aircraft known for its ultra-low-cost fares started its journey in 1992. While headquarters are in Florida, Spirit operates throughout the country. The airline has grown drastically and currently serves 28 international and 47 domestic destinations.

Now, let’s delve into the arrivals & departures including baggage services,

Spirit Airlines Arrivals & Departures at Austin Terminal

Finding the right terminal can be tricky when you’re in a hurry or traveling to a new airport. In the case of Spirit Airlines, Barbara Terminal at Austin Airport is easy to find and a fun place to kill time before your scheduled flight.

This terminal has 34 gates, out of which six gates are allotted for just international route flights. For passengers traveling by Spirit Airlines, the flight lands at Barbara Terminal. The terminal offers a variety of facilities so that you can take a break for a quick bite at a cafe or shop before leaving the Airport.

On the contrary, for passengers departing from Barbara terminal, It is recommended to get help from airport staff. To inform you, If you are running late and cannot find the right gate. You may also refer to the airport map for quick and crisp directions toward your destination.

Baggage Services of Spirit Airlines in Austin

Are you worried about your baggage being lost in the crowd? No need. Because Spirit Airlines provides baggage service at Austin Airport and takes proper care of your luggage. Passengers arriving in Austin or departing from Austin can pick up and drop off their luggage without fear of losing it or fragile things breaking inside the suitcase.
The baggage policy of Spirit Airlines is free for the military. The airport staff is present at all times to ensure the smooth functioning of baggage services. So, if you want to learn more about the baggage services provided by Spirit Airlines at Austin Airport, read the information available on the official website of Spirit.

NOTE:  Spirit Airlines allows only one personal item on the flight, irrespective of what it is. However, the dimensions for the same should be 40 inches, that is, 18″ x 14″ x 8″.

Services & Facilities at Spirit at the Austin Terminal

It’s true when people say vacation starts at the Airport, so why not avail the fancy facilities that are provided to you? If you’re a Spirit Airlines flyer waiting for your boarding to start, you can check out various facilities at the Barbara Jordan terminal at Austin Airport. Checking out these popular, mouth-watering, and jaw-dropping foods for all moods is a must for all the passengers traveling by this terminal. The terminal has a variety of:

  • food stalls to satisfy your cravings
  • restaurants for proper meals
  • shopping places including clothing stores
  • access to clubs and lounges

Along with these, other services available for terminal passengers include Airport Transfers, Duty-Free Allowance, Airport Lounges, Ticket booking & Cancellation, Online/Airport/Self Kiosk Check-in, and many more.

Are Special Assistance Services Available at Any Austin Airport Terminal?

Since Spirit Airlines does not discriminate among its guests, to ensure that no passenger faces any trouble, Spirit Airlines offers a wide range of special assistance services for any flyer who needs it.
These include providing comfortable flight journeys to

  • paraplegic/quadriplegic flyers
  • pregnant women
  • elderly passengers
  • minors traveling alone without any guardian/parent
  • flyers with medical conditions
  • special needs passengers

Whether it’s a need for a wheelchair or a pram for an infant, Spirit Airline ensures all needs are catered to its passengers.
Flyers who wish to seek these services are requested to inform the airlines at least 48 hours before their flight departure so that the Airline gets enough time to make arrangements and deliver to the needs of their flyers. You may do so by calling Spirit Airlines customer service agent and requesting your specific assistance need.

Can Pets Travel on Spirit Airlines?

Going on a vacation and want to take your furry buddy together? No problem! Spirit Airlines welcomes household dogs, cats, and birds on all of their domestic flights.

However, some restrictions apply to passengers traveling to the U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico, as birds are prohibited from traveling to these destinations.

To know more about the pet travel policy, you may contact Spirit Airlines on their customer service number and make reservations for your pet in advance. Additionally, you can find Animal relief areas at Bergstrom International Airport to maintain hygiene throughout the Airport and the journey.

Airport Lounges by Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines particularly does not offer any lounges at the Airport. However, Bergstrom International Airport has many available facilities that flyers can use to enhance their Airport experience before boarding begins. Thus, you need to contact Spirit Airlines Terminal at Austin Airport to learn more about the Airport Lounges.

Parking Facilities at Austin, Texas Airport

Passengers traveling with Spirit Airlines or picking up guests from the Airport can avail of the Bergstrom International Airport parking services as per their requirements. Since the terminal accommodates both international and domestic travelers, we suggest you book your parking in advance through the Airport’s official website.

Bergstrom International Airport Terminal Details: Spirit Airlines

We want to make traveling easier for you and your vacation hassle-free, hence we have provided all the required information about the terminals in the table given below:

Spirit Airlines Austin – Bergstrom International Airport Address Barbara Jordan Terminal, Austin- Bergstrom International Airport, 3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, TX 78719, U.S.A.
Spirit Airlines Contact Number +1-800-435-9792
Spirit Airlines Ticket Counter Hours Daily 24 Hours
Airlines Check-in Barbara Jordan Terminal
Spirit Austin Arrivals Terminal Barbara Jordan Terminal
Spirit Austin Departure Terminal Barbara Jordan Terminal

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything in brief.

The table given below provides you with the address and phone number for Spirit Terminal at Austin Airport.

Spirit Airlines in Austin: Full Address Spirit Airlines, Barbara Jordan Terminal, Austin- Bergstrom International Airport, 3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, TX 78719, U.S.A
Austin Airport- Spirit Terminal Contact Number +1-800-435-9792

Yes. Spirit Airlines happily welcomes pets. However, please make a booking of your pets on the official website of Spirit Airlines at the earliest.

All the passengers traveling with Spirit Airlines can avail facilities like Duty-Free Allowance, Airport Lounges, Ticket Booking & Cancellation, Online/Airport/Self Check-in, Animal Relief Area, Airport WiFi, and many more.

Barbara Jordan and the South Terminal are the only two terminals at Austin Bergstrom Airport. Although, Spirit Airlines is located at the Barbara Jordan Terminal in Austin.