Spirit Change Flight Fee

How Can I Change My Spirit Flight Without Paying a Fee?

The requirement of flight change can be sudden on account of unexpected plan changes. It is a common issue among passengers following flight cancellation. However, passengers can do that easily by themselves through the official Spirit website or the helpline number. However, the major concerns of the passengers include ” How to change Spirit flight for free” and many more.  Also,  “How much in advance do you need to request for the flight change” etc.  Answers to all of these queries are available in the Spirit Change Flight Policy.

Therefore, for your ease, we have listed all the available regarding Spirt Flight Change/cancellation collected from official sources of the Airlines. Refer to the post for all the important details you need to know related to your Spirit Flight Reservation.

What is The Spirit Change Flight Policy

All the information that passengers need to know while proceeding to change their flight itineraries is covered under Spirit Change Flight Policy. Following are the major pointers of the flight change policy of Spirit Airlines:

  • Passengers can make changes to their Spirit Airlines ticket only up to one hour before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Flight cancellation fee is applicable if the same has been requested within 60 days of flight departure and 24 hours have passed since the flight bookings.
  • Under unfortunate circumstances like the death of the passengers or someone closely related to them, passengers can request a spirit change flight for free or cancellation without any cost. However, they need to show proper documentation to the airlines.
  • In case of group booking, the airlines will charge a flight change fee per passenger.
  • Passengers who do not get a refund will receive travel credits that they have to use within one year as per the Spirit Flight changes policy.
  • While free changes are possible, other taxes like government or fee difference will apply to the passengers.
  • Foraward tickets standard regulations of the Spirit Flight changes policy are applicable which includes flight changes fee and others.

What is The Spirit Flight Change Fee?

A flight canceled within one week (0-6 days) of the flight departure will cost passengers USD 119 to make a flight change request.

If a passengers request flight changes within 7-30 days before the departure, then they need to pay USD 99.

On any Spirit flight that has been changed within 30-60 days, a Spirit flight change fee of USD 69 will be charged.

For an award ticket, the flight change fee is slightly lower as it is between USD 49-99.

Does Spirit do free flight changes?

Yes, Spirit Airlines offers free flight changes, if you make the changes within 24 hours of booking. However, Spirit might charge some additional fees in cases such as:

Under the given conditions, Spirit change flight can be done for free:

  • Any changes or cancellations in the Spirit Flight tickets requested 60 days before departure will be free along with a full refund in the original form of payment.
  • Passengers can also make free changes/cancellations in their Spirit Airlines ticket for free if they have requested the same within 24 hours of booking and at least 7 days before the flight departure.
  • Flex tickets purchased directly from Spirit Airlines will be charged for free.
  • Fre changes are also available in case of scheduled flight delays.

How much is the Spirit Airlines Flight Change Fee

The Flight change is the applicable fee that airlines charge the passengers to complete their flight change request. To the next available flights or an earlier flight or any other details in the flight tickets. Under certain situations, you can do Spirit Spirit Change flight for free. However if you change/cancel your flight within 60 days or after 24 hours of booking, then they need to pay charges.

Spirit Flight changes fee is a variable depending on two factors which are: 

  • Type of Ticket
  • Time before the departure.
  • Based on these two factors the value of Spirit Flight change fee can be between USD 69-119.

Spirit Same Day Flight Changes

  • Another major query of the passengers is the same-day changes request for Spirit Airlines tickets. As per the Spirit Flight changes policy, passengers can request for an earlier flight on the same day. Applicable charges include USD 99. In case a seat is not available, then they can opt for Spirit same-day standby for free.
  • In the case of same-day, the airlines allow you for a flight change only when the seat is available on the preferred flight.


Spirit Flights are free if done 60 days before departure or 24 hours after flight booking. If you make changes in the Spirit flight within 60 days of departure you will have to pay USD 69-119. For flex tickets, no change fee and you have to request the same at least 24 hours before departure. For award tickets, the flight change fee is between USD 49-99. Either flight request change online or dial the Spirit helpline number 844-989-7283 for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything in brief.

Spirit Airlines, as a low-cost carrier, can’t be able to offer refundable flights. Besides this, you can change or cancel your flight booking for free when you perform it in 24 hours. It is counted from the actual time of flight booking.

All passengers have the right to perform alterations in their flight booking by following two main ways:

  1. By visiting the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  2. By calling the customer care representative directly.

Yes, you have permission to change the flight date of Spirit Airlines by both methods, i.e., Online and offline. A free charge window of 24 hours is provided to everyone by the airline, but the flight must be booked at least one week before the flight’s departure.

If Spirit Airlines changes your flight, they will notify you about the same by sending an email or message. Along with this, they also become liable to inform you about your new flight details.

Spirit Airlines has flight change fees on almost all of its fares. It includes both kinds of flights, Domestic and International ones.

The Spirit Flight changes can go between USD 69-119. Actual fee applicable on any passenger depends on various factors like travel class, ticket type and time prior to the flight scheduled departure.

You need to request for the flight changes within 24 hours of flight booking and at least 7 days prior to the departure. Also, you can cancel the ticket before 60 days of the flight date in order to change it for free.

Yes, as per the Spirit Flight cancellation policy, any cancellation within 24 hours of booking and 60 days prior to the scheduled departure will be free of cost.

In case you are going to miss a flight, then it is mandatory to inform the airlines. Otherwise you will be considered a “No-show” which will lead to forfeiting of flight ticket cost and cancellation of all other itineraries in the booking.

Cancellation done within 24 hours of booking and 60 days before are refundable. In case of scheduled flight delay, refund is available for the passengers.