Spirit Airlines Pet Fee

Spirit Airlines Pet Fee: Make Your Journey Pawsome

We all deserve to go on a vacation with our family and loved ones. But should it only include humans? Certainly not. Spirit Airlines allows all its passengers to travel with their pets if they wish to because our pets deserve a vacation, too. This blog covers everything you need to know about traveling with pets on Spirit Airlines, including rules, regulations, Spirit Airlines Pet Fee, and much more.  Ensure you read this blog thoroughly before you fly with Spirit, as you need to remember these points before boarding.

Spirit Airlines Pet  Fee Policy – Keypoints

The following points provide information about the pet fee at Spirit Airlines, the number of carriers allowed, how many pets you can bring with you, and more.

  1. Spirit charges each passenger USD 125 one way as a pet fee for domestic flights.
  2. Kittens and Puppies traveling in Spirit Aircraft must be at least eight weeks old and fully weaned.
  3. Trained animals on both domestic and international flights are permitted. However, only people with disabilities are allowed to bring them.
  4. A Spirit Domestic Flight allows a maximum of six pet carriers in their aircraft.
  5. One passenger is allowed to bring one pet carrier.
  6. However, a maximum of two pets can travel in one carrier.
  7. A maximum of 18.14 or 40 Pounds is the combined weight of the carrier along with the pet allowed on the aircraft.
  8. Traveling domestically does not usually require a health certificate for your pet, but a health certificate is mandatory if you travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

What is the Spirit Airlines Pet Policy?

Every major airline has its own set of rules and policies regarding flying with pets in the cabin. Therefore, the passenger needs to know what they are signing for so that the pet travel is completed without any hassles. As you read further, you will learn about the key highlights of the Pet Policy as drawn by Spirit Airlines and the do’s and don’t’s of the same.

  • Spirit Flights allow certain types of pets only.
  • Accepted pets in the cabin of domestic flights flying with the United States include domesticated cats, dogs, household birds, and rabbits.
  • The same rule applies to the flights flying to/from St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.
  • Please note that Spirit Airlines Pet Policy prohibits household birds, including waterfowl, birds of prey, game birds, farm poultry, and flightless birds.

Exceptions: Flights flying to/from the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico do not permit rabbits and household birds. However, these locations allow dogs and cats.

Spirit Flights Pet Reservations Center

Since pet reservations at Spirit are made on a first-come, first-served basis, passengers must make the reservation at the earliest. Since pet reservations cannot be made online, you must add a pet after your ticket is booked by either Phone, Text Message, or WhatsApp.

Read the points below to learn more about the documents needed to approve your pet’s travel and the restrictions on traveling with pets.

Pet Documents and Forms

  • Passengers traveling to the U.S. Virgin Islands must provide a Health Certificate for their pet.
  • Pets traveling to Puerto Rico require a rabies vaccination certificate.
  • Emotional Support Animals are also subject to Spirit Airlines Pet Fee and will not fly free of cost under any condition.
  • Trained Service Animals only include dogs.
  • Traveling in a cabin is free for them.
  • A single passenger can carry only one pet carrier.

Restrictions on Pet Travel

  • International Spirit Flights do not permit pets on the plane.
  • Spirit Airlines Pet Policy prohibits Tigers, Insects, Spiders, Amphibians, Rodents, Ferrets, Cockatoos, and macaws.
  • Passengers traveling with pets cannot sit in the emergency exit row or first row of the aircraft.
  • The pet should not come out of the carrier during the flight.
  • Spirit prohibits passengers from giving their pets food or water during the flight.
  • The airline does not recommend passengers to sedate their pets for travel purposes.
  • The pet should not emit any odor or bark for attention and must be harmless to other passengers.

Rules for International Flights

Apart from service animals (dogs), international Spirit Flights do not accept pets.
Emotional Support Animals are subject to pet travel charges like others on Spirit.
Trained Service Animals, including dogs, can travel for free on the aircraft with their owners.


Spirit Airlines Pet Policy Cost is the most suitable and affordable if you plan to travel to your dream city with your pet. Traveling with pets is every pet owner’s dream, and we make it possible for you. Remember to book your furry friend’s reservation in advance and pay the Spirit Pet Cost as soon as possible. If you are facing some issues while booking, please feel free to contact Spirit Airlines at their customer service number 1 (855) 728-3555/+1-855-502-0002.  So, what are you waiting for? Make your journey Pawsome and worth it with Spirit Airlines Pet Policy.