Spirit Airlines Military Discount

Spirit Airlines Military Veteran Discount

Spirit doesn’t give any discount or privilege to any member. Apart from this, they offer some of the generous deals to all the veterans under Spirit Airlines military discount.

In addition, The airlines also provide free checked and carry-on baggage privileges to every on-duty soldier. Besides, the facility of free flights to each wounded warrior and some special Honor flights for all the veterans of World War II.

How do I Avail Military Discount as a Veteran?

Every military veteran can claim this deal. For this, they can visit their official website or by calling the official of Spirit Airlines. If you are going with the latter one, you have to mark your presence earlier at the airport and perform the check-in by going to the counter Spirit Airlines.

The following Documents are Required to Avail of this Discount:

  1. Present your Military ID card to avail yourself of the offer of free checked-in baggage.
  2. Register with the privilege of bringing one carry-on baggage for free.

If you want to save time by not getting stuck in this hassle, submit the proof that you are in the Military online before heading to the airport.

On the other hand, if you want to avail of Spirit Airlines Military Discount through the Online method, apply these steps:

  • Go to the official website. Instead, You can also talk to someone at Spirit Airlines customer service number +1-855-502-0002/+1 (855) 728-3555.
  • Enter all the details like the place of departure, destination, date, time, and number of passengers.
  • Pick the flight based on your requirements and proceed with booking.
  • Along with this, click on the box with “Active Duty Military Personnel” while filling in all the personal details to complete the flight booking process.
  • Now, tap on the button that appears with “verify”.
  • The website now will direct you to the login page. Here, enter your login credentials to get into your account. After doing this, you can simply verify the status of your Military discount.

Free Luggage Facility for all Duty Spirit Military Veteran Members

If you currently belong in the Military, Spirit Airlines offers you the privilege of bringing two free checked-in Baggage. In addition to this, you can bring one carry-on baggage as well for free of cost. It is a small discount, but it will save you a lot of money. Otherwise, the case is that the low-cost carrier provides the flight at a lower price. But adds money for all the add-ons you make in your flight booking.

With these benefits, you’ll receive cheap flight deals from Spirit Airlines as they won’t add additional facilities. This airline will make sure to cut down your expenditure by awarding Spirit Airlines Military discount.

You can witness that Spirit Airlines always puts its customers on top with the Spirit Airlines military discount. Meanwhile, they provide them with some extra discount. Apart from the fact that they are introducing low-fare flights compared to other airlines.

Free Service of the flights for all wounded warrior

Spirit Airlines never leaves Military men and their families alone when they face difficult times. By partnering with a non-profit group called Luke’s Wings, Spirit Airlines succeeded in its aim of providing free flights to all Military veterans. Hence, it appears as a sign of support and encouragement for the Military men for the service they provide to the nation.

Take the visit to the official website of Spirit Airlines to learn more about Luke Wings. You need to do that as everyone must fill out the online application form to acquire the free flight for yourself.

Scenario of Honor Flights – More Discounts For Military Personal at Spirit

Honor Flight is a special program mainly designed for all World War II military veterans. Spirit Airlines formed this program in which they take all the Military people to see the memorial of all other Military personnel. It is much more than a free flight program because the feeling of witnessing the graves of their brothers is much more valuable.

Know Who Can Claim this Spirit Airlines Military Discounts Facility?

Look here who can claim these deals by segregating all programs. Look at the eligibility criteria to know which privilege is present for you if you are a Military man.

Free Luggage for all active Military People

This privilege is only open to all Military people currently serving. No matter in what branch you are serving, you only need to be active.

Spirit Airlines doesn’t give this privilege of bringing free baggage to all retired Military members, veterans, Current serving members of National Guard roles, and all Military family members.

Free Flights for all the Wounded Military Men

This program is for all the wounded members injured in a battle. Along with them to their family members as well. Consequently, it also requires approval from Luke’s Warriors application procedure, or you will not receive it.

Honor Flights with Spirit Airlines Veteran Discount

Honor Flights is a specially designed program that is mainly introduced for the veterans of World War II. Hence, all those members can take a free flight through this program.

Actual Restrictions on Spirit Airlines Military Discount

The important thing that everyone needs to remember is that every privilege listed here under Spirit Airlines Military discount has some limitations in particular. As a result, you need to take care of these, or else there are no other restrictions.


In conclusion, by going through the whole article, it is witnessed that the zeal of Spirit Airlines to give back something to those who did something for the country is outstanding and impressive. Even being a low-cost carrier, they offer exciting deals to all the country’s Military men. Moreover, if you are in the Military or were in that, check out to gain cheap flight deals as they await it. Call someone at Spirit Airlines phone number +1-855-502-0002 (OTA)/+1 (855) 728-3555 for more detailed information about it.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything in brief.

Spirit Airlines Military discounts free flights for all members injured in any of their battles. As a sign of help, they provide flights free of cost to all the family members of the Military.

Yes, certain sets of limitations are present under each program, and to know about each one, you need to visit each section separately.

Honor Flight is the special flight program that came into existence for all the Military veterans of World War II. Thus, claim it to take a visit to the graves of all other soldiers who become martyrs.