Spirit Airlines Lost and Found

Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Policy

The policy of Spirit Airlines Lost and Found comes into existence for all the passengers through which they can bring back the misplaced baggage to their original owner. Besides all other policies of the Spirit, this primarily focuses on the luggage segment like damaged, lost, and misplaced. There are several approaches present through which you can report for lost baggage.

To become aware of all of this about Spirit lost and found, you should get through this article till the end without leaving anything in the middle.

How To Report for Spirit Airlines Lost and Found?

When Someone loses something at the airport and during their entire journey, they can take the assistance of Spirit Lost and Found. You have different alternatives to proceed further to know about the ways through which you can report missing items. Know each one of such methods vividly.

Following are the different ways to lodge a report under lost and found.

By Filling Out the Online Submission Form

  • Pay a visit to the official website of Spirit Airlines that only to the bag claims section.
  • On the next page, enter the details like last name and File ID to move ahead.
  • Click on the option “Create Online Claim”.
  • Fill in all the required information at the right laces.
  • Attach some of the documents now like:
  • Lost items or luggage proof of purchase.
  • An identification card approved by the government.
  • Right next to this, tap on the Submit button.

Some airports exist at different domestic places and offer a virtual baggage service office accessible by a Mobile phone. Now, go with the Need Help option for assistance.

  • The agent of Spirit Airlines now provides you with a file number after you lodge the report for the missing item.
  • Preceding the form submission, move ahead with the reporting at the airport within:
  • Within 4 hours from arrival at the destination
  • Within 21 days when traveling Internationally

By Making a Call To Spirit Airlines

Look below for the steps and implement these in the same manner.

  • Dial Spirit’s phone number for lost and found, which is officially 1-855-728-3555 or +1-855-502-0002.
  • Now, as soon as you connect, you can hear the complete IVR. Listen to it carefully and follow the right path to connect with a live person.
  • After connecting with a live person on call, let them know the purpose of calling, that is, lost item or baggage.
  • Then, disclose some of the required details with them.
  • They will give you a reference number for the complaint you make. Use it to spot your lost item.

Besides this, you can send a text message to Spirit at 48793, or you can send them a message on WhatsApp at 855-728-3555. It will make you track the missing baggage every time. Spirit Airlines has a specific phone number for different areas or airports.

By Filling a Report

A fixed method is present here, so you need to follow the steps individually.

  • Navigate yourself to the lost and found page that is present on the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Now, make the selection of one option out of these two:
  • My item was checked.
  • My item was unchecked.
  • When you click on the first option, you will be redirected to another page of Spirit Airlines. Now follow the prompts that keep coming on the screen.
  • When you go with the second option, the alternative of filing a report pops up. Tap on it as well and then move further as the instructions keep coming up.

By Connecting with the Airport

Try to reach out to the lost and found airport section from where you travel. They have baggage service offices (BSO) for all the misplaced items where you can complain.

Grave these points in your mind:

  • Items can be traced back in 30 days and returned to the original owner.
  • The search for the baggage depends on various factors like location and the time when you raise the request.

How Do I Contact Spirit Lost and Found?

Contacting Spirit Airlines is simple and easy, and you can contact Spirit Airlines lost and found to lodge a report for missing baggage and items.

Apply the steps to move further:

  • Dial the contact number of Spirit Airlines lost and found to call Spirit Airlines, i.e., 1-855-728-3555 or +1-855-502-0002.
  • All the passenger who lost their item or baggage can dial the above-given number and then listen to the IVR carefully to proceed further.
  • Whenever you get connected with them, tell them about the concern that you have related to the baggage.
  • When you successfully place the complaint, don’t forget to ask for the complaint reference number to track the baggage in the future.

Compensation for Spirit Lost and Found

If you are flying with Spirit Airlines, you can claim compensation if your baggage gets misplaced or lost. The compensation for the baggage is only given when you find the item but it is available in a damaged state.

While talking of the compensation, you can get a compensation of nearly €1.414 or $1.61 along with the expense that someone spends. Spirit Airlines baggage compensation includes all the expenditures ranging from the cost of the taxi that you used to commute to the clothes that remain inside the baggage.

You receive compensation when your baggage seems damaged in any way. You can take the damaged items to a repair shop but try to gain the bill as you can receive the compensation by submitting that slip at the headquarters of Spirit in Florida. On the other hand, when the damaged item cost is $50/€44.01 and beyond repair, you have to submit proof of purchase to attain compensation.

Tips to Avoid Stuck in a Situation of Spirit Airlines’ Lost and Found

A set of tips is present under Spirit Airlines’ Lost and Found policy that can easily prevent you from stepping into baggage loss. Go through these points and save yourself.

  • Form a habit of attaching one tag to every bag with information like name, address, and phone number. Also, place a tag inside the bag with a copy of your itinerary.
  • Avoid overpacking and take the usage of Sturdy bags.
  • Always bring such items: passport, personal documents, keys, laptops, iPods, electronics, camera, cash, etc.
  • Prevent check-in late, alteration in the destination after check-in, and traveling on standby because it all increases the chance of getting your baggage damaged or misplaced. And in these cases, you are not liable to get the lost baggage from Spirit free of cost.


When any property of the passenger gets misplaced or damaged, you can follow any of the multiple approaches laid under Spirit Airlines lost and found to gain it again. According to Spirit Airlines Baggage policy, the burden for the baggage doesn’t exist as compensation is given. But remember to stay under the guidelines and terms of use introduced by Spirit. If you are facing any issue regarding your baggage or Spirit Airlines lost and found, reach out to Spirit Airlines customer care and resolve everything.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything in brief.

Generally, the task of Spirit Airlines lost and found runs for a month. If something doesn’t happen or they fail to find your baggage, they will let you know, most probably by sending an email. You should check the email account again and again for the mail.

Certainly, Spirit Airlines lost and found office exists in the baggage claim area at all the airports. Ask any representative of the airlines to locate this office.

When you check if baggage is missing, you can do these things:
Please check the bag carousel to confirm whether all the bags offloaded or not.
Visit the oversized baggage claim area to check whether your bag present there or not.

If any item match with the description of your lost item found, the airline will immediately contact you through email and call. They will assure you whether it belongs to you or not and after that it will delivered to you.

The Spirit Airlines Lost and Found is indeed applicable to all the passengers, including Spirit unaccompanied minors who are traveling alone.