Spirit Flights to Peru – Things to Know


Peru attracts a great number of tourists every year, as the scenic beauty truly mesmerizes your mood and gives you a sense of peace like no other. If you are a wanderer who wishes to explore all seven wonders of the world, then Machu Picchu in Peru is definitely on your list. Spirit Flights to Peru is the answer to all your questions. Let’s get in to this in-depth.

How Can You Book Cheap Spirit Flights to Peru?

Spirit Airlines is known for its ultra-low airfares and provides topmost comfort to all its passengers. While Spirit does not provide its passengers with any free facilities like other major Airlines, there are still some hacks by which you can get cheap and direct flights to your dream destinations.

Lets Explore some tips to get cheapest Spirit airlines deals for Peru.

Pack Only What is Necessary:

Since Spirit charges you for the number of bags that you carry on your flight, it is beneficial to pack the things that are important for your trip instead of packing a lot. This can save you a lot of money.

Online Check-In:

Before your flight, choose to check in online on Spirit App or on their official website. Online check-in is free of cost, whereas check-in at the Spirit Counter at the airport will result in a service fee.

Don’t Choose the Seats Yourself:

The charges for Spirit seats can range somewhere between $5 and $24. Therefore, it’s better not to choose a seat yourself and let the Airline assign you one during check-in.

Bring Your Own Food:

Instead of spending more than $100 on ordering food on Spirit, carry your own food for some mid-flight snacks. Passengers traveling long distances can especially benefit from this tip, as this will help you save hundreds of dollars.

Download a Movie:

Spirit Airlines does not provide its passengers with any free entertainment options, and therefore, it’s better to carry your own entertainment. If you don’t download your series/movies before the flight, then you can either sit bored during the flight or you can pay Spirit to get access to the internet.

Off-Season Flights:

Visit Peru in the off-season to get the cheapest Spirit Flights to Peru. The prices are very high during the peak season and may not fit your budget.

How long is the Flight to Peru in Spirit?

To know the flight duration from your departure location to Peru by Spirit Airlines, you must check the different flights flying the same route. The flight duration can also depend on whether your flight is direct or has one or more layovers.

To check how long a flight to Peru will take, follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit official spirit website on the web browser of your desktop/laptop.
  2. Enter the departure location and type Peru in the arrival/destination space.
  3. Choose the dates on which you wish to travel.
  4. Click on ‘Search’.
  5. On your screen, the flights flying from your departing city to Peru will display.
  6. You can find the flight duration written between the departing and arriving time.
  7. Remember to check the layover periods and note that layover time includes the entire flight duration.
  8. Choose the Spirit Flight to Peru that suits your comfort.
  9. Go ahead and complete the rest of the procedure.

That’s it. Just by following these easy little steps, you can know all the details of Spirit Flights to Peru.


Spirit is a low-cost Airline that provides its passengers with the cheapest deals and airfare packages. You now know how to save money on Spirit Flight, how to check the flight duration, and more. Now, explore Peru without any stress and enjoy the breathtaking views every day!